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Mistakes on a Plane

Metropolis General. Jimmy is standing in the hospital room, looking troubled. Chloe, wearing a bright yellow coat, comes into the room. "Hey!" she says. She came after the police called. Jimmy says he's doing well, considering someone was murdered in the hospital the night before. He can't say the same about Davis. Chloe asks if Davis was hurt. That stops Jimmy in his tracks. "Hurt?" Jimmy asks, "No, he was the killer!" He says he saw Davis murder someone right in front of him. Just then, Davis walks in, lightly knocking on the door. Awk-ward! Jimmy shoves Chloe behind him and asks what Davis is doing there. Davis says that thanks to Jimmy, he got cuffed, detained for six hours and questioned by a homicide detective with foul coffee breath. Jimmy can't believe they let him go. Jimmy is outraged by this injustice. Outraged! Jimmy starts to yell about what he saw, but Chloe stops him. Davis admits that Jimmy saw him, but says he was only there to visit a patient who'd been brought into the ER. It was a fatal drunk driving accident and the drunk guy ran. Everyone was looking for him. Davis says he found Jimmy wandering the halls, completely out of it. Jimmy insists on what he saw. Davis says that Jimmy's morphine pump malfunctioned and was giving him double dosage. Chloe says that she was there the day before and it wasn't doing that. Jimmy nods like, "Yeah! That's why I got married!" Davis says that somehow it malfunctioned. He casts a level gaze on Jimmy. "Did you do something to it?" he asks. Jimmy is shocked. Davis says nobody would blame Jimmy; he was in a lot of pain. Jimmy insists there's nothing wrong with the pump. Davis says they can ask the doctors or nurses. Davis goes all dickish, scoffing and excusing himself, saying he'll stay out of Jimmy's way. He refrains from circling a finger next to his head and going, "Coo-KOO!" Chloe has no idea what to believe. Jimmy crinkles his nose, thinking, "What the fuck just happened?"

We see Davis walking down the hallway outside the room. He pushes a button on the nearby elevator. Chloe follows him out. "Davis," she says, "I feel terrible." Is it because your coat is buttoned up all the way and Davis is in a short-sleeved shirt? Davis says he knows how painkillers work and knows that Jimmy is on some heavy stuff. Chloe, apologetic, says that Davis doesn't deserve to be the killer in Jimmy's psycho thriller. Davis scratches his ear and says he's not surprised Jimmy thinks that way, given that he kissed Jimmy's bride. Chloe takes a long moment with that and reveals that Jimmy doesn't know about that. Davis squints and moves his eyes around. He assumed he did. Chloe says she didn't want Jimmy to make a big deal out of it. Davis, taken aback, apologizes again for making Chloe's life more complicated. He says he accepts that Jimmy got the girl. How nice of you to see it that way and not think of it as Chloe making a choice on her own. Davis says he's moving on. Chloe, nervous, nods. Davis says he's here if Jimmy needs anything. Chloe looks back toward the door. She sighs. Now that the kiss is out of the way, Davis leans in close and asks what's wrong. He says Chloe can talk to him. That doesn't seem like a good idea. Chloe, near tears, wonders if this wouldn't have happened if Jimmy had never met her. Of that you can be sure. Davis hugs Chloe as she cries. It's a long hug. Davis looks like he wants to cry, too. The camera circles around and we see Jimmy watching them from behind the blinds in his room. He looks very suspicious.

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