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Mistakes on a Plane

Commercials. The CW wants to green your world at Buy avocados.

Tess, wearing a long white coat, and Clark, wearing his work duds, enter Oliver's private jet. Clark is surprised they're using it. Tess says that LuthorCorp and Queen Industries (now there's two names that go together) are one happy conglomerate. She says, "We share all of our toys." Dirty! The pilot, a strapping, tall man, says they may have to re-route their flight to Santa Barbara because of weather. He's Captain Nichols. Clark hears that Tess has been racking up a lot of frequent-flyer miles. She says that happens when you try to charm foreigners with your global endeavor. She says she also had to make a pit stop in Geneva to see a plastic surgeon. She explains that it wasn't a "nip/tuck" [So no lady cha-cha lips? - Zach], but to remove some bio-tech hardware that Lex had installed into her. Her eyes look all right, though. "I had to have it sliced out," she says. Ouchie. Clark says he heard from Lana what she went through. "I'm sorry," he says, lamely. "What about what Lex put you through?" she asks. She inquires how many years Lex pretended to be Clark's friend. Clark thinks he and Lex did have a real friendship at one point. "You were his obsession," she explains, patiently. Yeah, Clark. What the fuck? Clark looks very uncomfortable. She says Lex wanted to be like Clark, but knew in his heart he never could be. Clark squints. Too soon! "Did Lex talk to you about me?" Clark asks. She says he kept a journal. He did what, now? With an awkward smile, Clark tries to calmly ask, "What did it say?" Tess says she's sworn to secrecy. Even though Lex is dead and was her enemy before he died. Clark has a terrible dim-bulb idea all of a sudden. "Are you thirsty?" he asks. "Whu?" she asks, surprised. Clark is sure Oliver keeps some of the "good stuff" around. Clark has no idea what the name of an actual alcohol would be. He goes looking. They come in bottles, right? Tess smiles a little at Clark's amateur move.

Hospital. It's nighttime. Paramedics are bringing someone in on a stretcher as Jimmy, having escaped, walks past them. He snuck into someone's EMT gear. Bad Jimmy! He tries to walk stealthily to a nearby ambulance. He finds the one belonging to Davis and gets in. He sees the rosary hanging from the rear-view mirror. Just to make sure, he pulls down the visor and sees the ID belonging to Davis. He finds a flashlight on the passenger side floorboard. He goes to the back and looks around. Jimmy notices a bag sticking out from under a compartment. He pulls it up and looks inside the large, dark plastic bag. It's got a zipper. He unzips. OH MY GOD THERE'S A BODY! In a body bag! Can you believe it? It's the bearded guy Jimmy ran into in the hallway. Jimmy, scared, thrashes and knocks shit over. He cuts his hand. As he examines the wound, Davis walks into the ambulance rear. He finds Jimmy there and asks what he's doing there. He asks if Jimmy is looking for pain meds. Jimmy says he knows what Davis is doing; he's stashing the body until he can get rid of it later. "What body?" Davis asks. Jimmy glances over at the drunk driver. "Maybe that isn't such a bad thing," Davis whispers. Davis explains calmly that the man ran a red light and killed a young mother and her daughter on their way back from a ballet recital. Jimmy scoffs. "So you murdered him?" he asks. Davis says he didn't murder anyone. Today. Jimmy says the body is right there. Davis stands. He sighs and tells him he doesn't know what he's doing anymore. "It's those damn drugs," Davis says. Then he darts forward and stabs Jimmy in the neck with a needle. Jimmy struggles. But he fades quickly. He falls asleep. Always watch your neck. Especially these days, with all that Twilight bullshit.

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