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Mistakes on a Plane

Oustide, we see the top of the plane is surrounded by black smoke and the nose is dipping. Tess is looking out the window. Inside the plane, the oxygen masks have dropped and a siren is going off. Clark goes past a red curtain and pulls a piece of the plane off to see what's going on in the cockpit. The pilot is gone and the cabin is exposed to the atmosphere. Tess pulls open a cabinet out of Clark's view and finds two clearly labeled parachutes. She closes the door. She and Clark meet back in the main area. Clark tells her the pilot is gone. Tess lies and says she looked everywhere and couldn't find the parachutes. Tess coughs and falls to the ground. Clark tells her she'll be all right. "Clark! Do something!" she says. Clark pulls down and oxygen mask and puts it on her. He tells her to breathe. She stares at him, seemingly in terror. Clark reaches up and crimps the oxygen tube. He tells her to keep breathing. She tries, but the oxygen flow cuts off and she falls unconscious. That seems pretty dangerous, Clark. [Yeah, isn't that how Michael Hutchence died? - Z] Clark punches open a cabin door and looks outside. He doesn't look thrilled about the situation. He pulls off Tess's oxygen mask and picks her up. He carries her to the open door as triumphant action music plays. He jumps out of the plane, holding Tess at his side, one arm out. The plane explodes behind them in ridiculous CGI. It's really not Clark flying. More like dramatic Method jumping.

A dark Metropolis alley. A man uses a crowbar to break into an office. Another man stands behind him, watching. It's Davis, and his hand is shaking. He's wearing a hoodie. Davis starts to walk over, but accidentally knocks a bottle aside, making noise. He stops, and something clobbers him from behind. It's Jimmy, with the lead pipe, in the alley. Davis falls, and Jimmy handcuffs Davis to a nearby fence. Jimmy says he wasn't hallucinating. He still has the cut on his hand from the ambulance. Jimmy says Davis killed that man. Davis, panicked, tells Jimmy to get away. Jimmy says Chloe's on her way. "You don't know what you're doing! You're not yourself," Davis insists. Jimmy thinks Davis is trying to set him up. He says he saw Davis holding Chloe outside his room. Jimmy thinks Davis is just trying to get him out of the way. Davis pulls on the handcuff and growls for Jimmy to get away for his own good. Davis is facing away from Jimmy and his face is starting to contort. His eyes are turning red. Jimmy wants Davis to confess. Davis pulls one handcuff off the fence. He screams. Jimmy picks up the metal pipe. He's about to swing as Davis screams, but Jimmy is electrocuted by something. He falls. Chloe is standing behind Jimmy holding a stun gun. Davis is still grunting. He tells Chloe to get out of there. Still facing away, Davis's face begins to darken and horns appear. Chloe tells him that Jimmy can't hurt him. She puts a hand on his shoulder. The one with the wedding ring. Davis goes back to normal, his face crap disappearing. He looks at his own hand. He turns, sweaty. "You saved me," he tells Chloe.

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