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Mistakes on a Plane

Commercials. Microsoft is not playing fair with these adorable kids using Windows for their photos. Not! Fair!

Stately Former Luthor Manor. Clark comes in through the double doors, dressed nicely in a long coat (the coat du jour for this episode) and dark shirt and pants. He walks over to Lex's old desk. "Oh there he is. The prince who came to my rescue," Tess says. She's upstairs in the library, wearing a sexy satin robe. Clark says he thought parachuting out into the Arizona desert would have slowed Tess down, but she seems fine. Tess says she knew she was fine when she woke up in a Phoenix emergency room and saw Clark. She's holding what appears to be a mimosa. Clark asks if she figured out what brought down the jet. He says someone might have been trying to kill her. Tess walks down the stairs. She says it's a dangerous world. The crash is still being investigated. He asks if they found the pilot's body. Tess says no. She pretends to feel terrible about it. She asks why he died and they're still alive. She thinks she's lucky Clark was there. On the desk is a newspaper with a photo of the Red Blue Blur. Clark says he's lucky he found the parachute. How did Clark fake a parachute? I guess he went and got one somewhere at super speed. Tess asks where Clark found it on the plane. She says she looked everywhere. Clark says he found it in the cabin locker. "Just one?" she asks. Clark says yes. He says he was able to strap it around both of them. Lies! All lies! Tess says she hopes the experience brought them closer together. She says she doesn't open up about herself to anyone. Clark understands she wants to keep all that private. He promises not to tell. Tess smiles. She says Lex was right about him. "There's not a bad bone in your body," she says. Oh, but Lex did try to put one up there. Tess says she's always had to deal with abusive people who took away her hope. She says when she's around Clark, she feels safe. Clark brushes that off. He says he's glad she's all right. He says he needs to get to the paper so she doesn't think he's not taking his job seriously. She watches him go. "Clark," she says, "I may run this company and I may live in his mansion, but I'm not Lex. You can trust me." Clark doesn't answer that. He just goes. The camera pivots around as we watch Tess standing alone in the room.

Kent home. Chloe and Clark are walking in. She says, "You think she knows your secret?" Clark says she didn't admit it, but he thinks so. Chloe says she has to know what with flying out of the plane. Clark says they didn't fly. It was more like a jump. Chloe thinks she knows too much. She suggests extreme measures: quit the paper and put the Red Blue Blur back in the closet. So much gay! And Lex isn't even around to enjoy it. Clark says he's not changing his life over Tess. Chloe says that Tess tried to kill Lana. Clark explains that she was only trying to destroy the power suit and was trying to get at Lex. Chloe can't believe Clark is defending her. Clark says he's not sure she's like Lex. Chloe says, yet again, that Clark's ability to trust people and see the good in them is what makes him special, but also keeps getting him in trouble. Chloe says she has to go. She says Jimmy's battle is finally over, and she's picking up her wounded soldier. Clark didn't know he was coming home. He asks how Jimmy's doing. Unsteadily, Chloe says he's great. She says they made it out of the dark forest and will be living happily ever after. The camera zooms in on her as if to mock that prediction. The Troubled Music of Doom plays. Clark blinks as she goes.

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