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Think Unsexy Thoughts

The Barnness of "I should have gone to California"tude. Clark is putting down a huge box filled with little wooden birdfeeders. Uh, all right. He walks by and is surprised when KentFan puts her hands on his eyes from behind. "Guess who!" she giggles. You're lucky he didn't grab you by the skull and pitch you thirty feet through a barn wall. He says warmly that he thought she'd be halfway to California by now. She says that her bags are in the car. "What's going on?" Clark asks. She walks away, toward the camera, for another of those shots. She comes clean to Clark about the psychiatrist and his threat to her. Clark suggests that they go to the review board at Belle Reve and tell them about the doctor. KentFan says she can't risk having her probation revoked. He asks what they'll do if she runs. "As long as I'm free, I don't care," she says. She puts her arms around Clark's neck and asks him to come with her. He says he wants to, but that running isn't the answer. "Trust me, I know," he adds. She looks very sad as she says she wishes she were as strong as Clark. She says she's not. She walks away and tells Clark she made something for him before she got out of Belle Reve. She takes it out of her bag. "I guess now it's a goodbye present," she says. She's got multiple pieces of red Kryptonite on a thick black necklace. She unlatches it and asks Clark to wear it just once. He doesn't say anything. She puts it on him. Grinding noises play. Clark does that Omen look as the camera trick where the background seems to recede as the foreground comes close is employed. Clark's got red glowing eyes. EvilClark! He smiles. Now that's what he's talkin' 'bout.

The Torch. Chloe is working part of her sixty-hour workweek as Lana walks in. Chloe says she missed Lana at AP Lit class. She asks if Lana couldn't stand to hear the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. Lana says she went to see Jason. Chloe surmises that it didn't go well. She stops working on her computer and asks what's up. Lana stretches out to unbelievable proportions a sentence where she says she's figured out why Jason is being so cryptic. Foreground/background shot. Lana explains about "that kind" of relationship. Chloe asks what that means. Lana shoots her a look and Chloe figures it out. Ohhhh. The naughty kind. Awkward! Chloe says that answers a question she's been dying to ask Lana all semester. They're close friends, but she didn't feel she could ask about that? Lana asks if everyone thinks she and Jason are doing it. Chloe gives Lana the "you're a child" business by explaining that they were alone together for three months in Paris. Lana, still not understanding, is like, "Right." Now, Jason's pent-up sexual frustrations from those three months are on display in The Louvre as a sculpture of a horned demon named Pinkballed.

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