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Zod & Kal-El Go to White Castle

Watchtower. Chloe is trying to clean the S-shield off the wall. Girl, make Clark do that! Then make him write, "I will not vandalize other people's property," a hundred times on the blackboard. And not in super-speed. Clark whooshes into the room behind her. Chloe looks frightened, but takes a breath and turns to look at him. "If I had an apology on video, it would have saved me a lot of time this year," he says. She relaxes. "Well, I'd say I did my fair share of trespassing, as well." "You mean the part where you were amassing the only weapons that can kill me?" he asks. He stands there looking at his big S-shield on the wall instead of cleaning it up. Clark realizes that maybe she was the one seeing things clearly all along, which shocks her. He also admits he didn't tell her everything about the future: "Your Kryptonite armory was the only thing that saved the world." She's so pleased to hear him say it that she almost blushes. Since Clark is at confessional today, he also goes on to say that his whole assy behavior and hanging out with Zod wasn't just the red K. He thinks it was a "wish fulfillment" thing. Chloe shakes her head. "If you wanted to redecorate the place, all you had to do was ask." She continues cleaning the S off her wall. Clark continues not helping. He talks about how Chloe and Lois are like sisters and how he doesn't have much family anymore. He looks sad, and I wish I could feel sad for him, because Tom Welling is doing a pretty good job of portraying longing and vulnerability. Clark says Zod understands him. "Chloe, he's the closest thing to a brother I may ever know." Chloe looks appropriately worried by that prospect. Hope you had more weapons stashed away someplace.

Fortress. Zod has somehow managed to bring his soldiers to the Arctic. They don't have powers and he doesn't have the octagonal cave key, so maybe he carried them all there like some kind of overgrown stork with a leather fetish. Zod stands before his men, holding the lead-covered Kryptonite dagger from earlier. "Some of our brothers and sisters have defected," he says. "I'm afraid we've been betrayed, but we will prevail." He unsheathes the dagger and draws the glowing green blade across the palm of his hand. The soldiers exchange looks with each other like, "He done gone crazy!" Zod looks pukey, but he keeps cutting. He holds the wound over a crystal goblet and bleeds into it. The soldiers look increasingly worried and maybe a little grossed out. "The time has come to share in your birthright," he says. He holds up the cup of blood because just passing it around wouldn't have been dramatic enough. The screen dissolves into the closing credits. The end.

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