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Zod & Kal-El Go to White Castle

Streets of Metropolis. Clark is walking around while Chloe, back at the Watchtower, feeds him directions through his cell phone. "Vector ten-and-a-half feet north," she says. "Have I sunk Lois's battleship?" Clark looks around, but can't see reason why Lois would have been standing in the area for two hours the night before. What a creepy, creepy boyfriend you are, Clark. Chloe: "You know, not that I want to wade into the salty ocean of amour that is Lois and Clark, but if you two are playing Mr. & Mrs. Smith now, don't you think there might be a slight trust issue?" Horrible dialog, but a good point. Clark says he's worried that Lois is holding something back from him. Yeah, maybe she's from another planet and she has super powers, and she moonlights as a vigilante, while hypocritically lying to her significant other about who and what she really is. No, wait, that's you, ya jackass. "It's kind of different when the control is on the other foot," Chloe teases him. Clark looks like he thinks this is crazy talk. Chloe all-too-gently reminds him that Lois trusts him, so maybe he should trust her, too. "I do," Clark insists. Chloe scoffs. "Right, and that's why you had me lo-jack her key chain?" Clark says nothing to that, so Chloe gets back to the stalking at hand. She reaffirms that he's standing in the same spot as Lois the night before. Clark looks down and sees a manhole cover. A tiny light goes on above his head. With a glance around to make sure nobody's looking, he super-zips down for a look.

He zips into the decimated lab. As he does so, a fine, red fog rises from the ruined equipment, possibly stirred up from his speedy arrival. Little glowy particles drift up toward him. Instead of backing away, he takes a big old sniff and inhales them. His eyes glow red. Commercials.

Watchtower. Clark's at one of the computers when Chloe walks into the room. She's surprised to see him at the keyboard and jokes, "Have I been downsized in the bureaucratic world of superheroes?" "I just got tired of waiting for you," he snots. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the planet," she says. "Or the wrong side of Lois," he corrects her. His way to remedy that is to step up the stalking operation. He shows Chloe a computer map of the country; it's mostly red, save for a few bright green splotches. "It's Tess," he explains. "It was her underground lab that Lois was snooping around in." Chloe looks at the map with growing dread. "What's with the thermo-radioactive scan of North America?" she asks. "She's storing meteor rock around the country," Clark says. "And she's gonna pay for it." Clark heads for the door, but Chloe calls him back because the deposits don't belong to Tess. "Tess is the only one who knows what Kryptonite can do to me," Clark says, nostrils flaring like the Holland tunnel. "Except for me," Chloe says. After a moment, she adds: "And Oliver." Clark's eyes glow red as he advances on her. "You and Oliver betrayed me," he says quietly. "Stockpiling weapons around the world that can kill me." She explains it's for the Kryptonians, and he reminds her he's Kryptonian, too. She says the weapons are just insurance. "In case what, Chloe?" Clark snits. "In case I turn on you?" Well, now that you mention it... He backhands her to the floor then gets all up in her face about how she's no better than Tess. He turns to go, but Chloe calls after him, still trying to explain herself, begging him to hear her side of things. "What if there was ever a war?" she asks. Clark thinks there's already a war, and Chloe just lost it. He uses his heat-vision to blast a big ol' S-shield on the wall behind Chloe. Then, with a final smirk down at her, he whooshes away, leaving her to figure out how the hell to get alien eye spooge off plaster.

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