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Zod & Kal-El Go to White Castle

Bus station. John Corben, now fully clothed, is getting on a bus with Lois. He tries to get her to leave so she won't get into more trouble, but she's sticking with him. "I promised I'd get you to military base in South Dakota," she says. She sits down and pulls him into the seat beside her. She's taking him to see a "Dr. Vale" at her father's recommendation. What a brilliant idea. Certainly the military will magnanimously help and protect him and not use him as a weapon at all. He's worried that Tess's people will find them. "Exactly," Lois says. "So when you're free and clear and planting your homestead spike in the badlands, then I'll send you the sayonara." Oh, dear God, the dialog! It burns, it burns! John catches sight of a woman struggling with her bag and goes to help her. As he grapples with her bag, she places a small device in the back of John's neck where the "upgrade" was implanted. Immediately, he sees things as if through a computer. A screen behind his eyes flashes and says that an "emotion chip" has been activated. [But shouldn't it have been deactivated? That's just common robot knowledge. - Z] He receives instructions to return to base and turns to leave the bus. Lois gets up to go after him, but another undercover minion stands up and injects her with sedative. She passes out in an empty seat. The other passengers somehow notice none of this.

Chloe's Kryptonite Cache, still the same night. Zod and Clark are walking away from the stockpile they've just torched. They make quite a pretty pair in their matching black clothes as the fire roars behind them. Zod remarks on Clark's eagerness to destroy Chloe's weapons. "I'm sure there's some quote about betrayal stinging the most when it's from someone you trust," Clark pouts. "Your father could have rattled it off," Zod says, because he was looking for an entree to the subject. "You remind me of him." They stop walking and turn to face one another, the flames still burning bright behind them. (Speaking of which, shouldn't all that burning Kryptonite in the air be affecting them? No?) Zod reminisces about his friendship with Jor-El and how they used to fight, but also about how he respected him. "You must have had a friend that you had a connection with," Zod says, his voice nearly breaking. "Like you were opposite sides of the same soul?" Oh, goodness, just kiss already. Kiss while the night burns like Atlanta behind you! Clark admits he did, once, a long time ago. Somewhere, a not-dead Lex gets a little tingle. Zod speaks softly about how Clark has a family now. "Good," Clark says, "maybe now it's time to live a little." He zips off with a mischievous look in his eyes, an obvious invitation. Zod waits for a moment so he doesn't look too eager, then follows.

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