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Zod & Kal-El Go to White Castle

The next thing you know, they're standing atop the Space Needle in Seattle. They stand side by side, looking out over the city. "It's quite a view," Zod says. Yes, Clark is awfully pretty. "Everything seems so clear from up here," Clark says. He wonders why he couldn't see it until now. Zod ventures that maybe Clark just needed someone to share his perspective. "If only your father could see us," Zod says. He was open-minded; I'm sure he would bless your union. Clark offers to take Zod to Jor-El now, which confuses Zod, seeing as how his old friend is pushing up daises in a cow pasture somewhere. Also, the popped collar on Clark's coat is just insane in its magnitude. It's this close to being Count Chocula's cape. Before Clark takes Zod to the Fortress, though, he notices that it's starting to rain. He decides to give Seattle a little "surprise" by using his freeze-breath on the falling raindrops, turning them to ice. On the streets below, a bunch of cars are probably crashing or skidding into little old ladies and puppies. Surprise!

Underground lab. Chloe's gotten the computers up and running again. Tess says her people have found John. "Any luck with your problem child?" she asks. Chloe's studying a map of the Pacific Northwest and wondering how often it snows in Seattle. It was 64 degrees and suddenly there was a snowstorm. And the snowstorm smelled like Hot Pockets and Mentos. Tess checks the Internet and magically finds someone's blog mentioning something going on at the Space Needle. Chloe pulls up satellite images and finds Zod and Clark posing for their first Christmas card together. She and Tess give each other "oh shit" looks. The door opens behind them and in walks John Corben, all blank in the face. Tess gives a cunning little smile.

Meanwhile, Clark is welcoming Zod to the Fortress of Not-So-Solitude. The music's all frantic and dramatic, but the two of them are just sort of standing around. Commercials.

Some time later, Clark is jabbing different crystals into the Fortress's main console. Stuff lights up, but that's about it. "Well, he's not exactly rolling out the welcome mat, is he?" Clark asks. Yeah, sorry, all the explosions sort of ate into Terence Stamp's fee. Clark tries a few more crystals, but Jor-El remains silent. Clark's pissed that he finally embraces his heritage and Jor-El has nothing to say. Zod thinks it's because of the role he played in the destruction of Krypton. "He can't blame you for something you haven't done yet," Clark pouts. Zod's very understanding about the whole thing, though. "It took you almost a year to warm up to me," he says. "I wouldn't expect my discerning old friend to give me any more latitude." Clark's still poking at the console like a cranky monkey, but he finally gives up. He figures he doesn't have anything left to learn from Jor-El anyway, but Zod tells him not to be so dismissive. "Trust me," Clark says, "I can live without constant lectures and mind games." You're only saying that because daddy doesn't like your new boyfriend. Zod dangles the promise of the knowledge of the universe in front of Clark, and Clark's like, "Ugh, I hate studying!" The music is sort of cool here, with an understated chanting and a synth line that sounds sort of like early Depeche Mode. Somehow, Clark and Zod end up in a conversation about religion back on Krypton, and how the red sun god Rao is revered. "Unlike your civilization," Zod says, "superstition has no place in our beliefs." I'd say having a red sun god is sort of superstitious, but I'm pretty cynical when it comes to religion. He talks about how religion is science to them, and if they could get Jor-El's Book of Rao, they could achieve anything. Clark either likes the sound of that, or the sound of Zod's mumbly voice, because he smiles appreciatively.

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