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Zod & Kal-El Go to White Castle

Streets of Metropolis, daytime. Lois is walking along when John comes up behind her and touches her arm. She whips around to face him, annoyed at being snuck up on. John thinks the more appropriate response would be relief to find him still alive, or possibly disappointment to find him clothed. Eh, not while you've got that crab thing on your torso. They walk together. Lois asks about how he got away from Tess. "It involved a secret cave," John says, "an action sequence out of the Ice Capades, and your best friend." Lois opens up her purse and shows him the red Kryptonite heart. "Maybe this makes up for everything," she says. He leads her to a more quiet spot to talk. "Where'd you get that?" he asks. "It's a souvenir from my own little adventure," she says with a smile. Damn, she must be more talented that I've been giving her credit for, considering she got dragged, unconscious, out of that lab. John is impressed and touched. He calls her his hero, then says, "Of course, I was hoping I'd escape with a different heart." She tears up a little. He goes on about how honest, loyal, and brave she is. She scoffs, gently, at being put on such a high pedestal, but he persists. "You're the only one that's given me a chance." He tells her she's his only chance to live an honest life. "If I were going to disappear again, I would want to disappear with you." Lois lets him down gently. She's already with someone and he's "it" for her. John takes a step back, nodding. "Maybe if this were another lifetime," Lois says. He stares at her wistfully and smiles. "I really hope that your guy knows who you really are, because you are a real..." He sighs, thinking of just the right word to convey his esteem for her: "...dame." Uh... OK. They smile at each other for a while.

Zod's warehouse hideout. Zod mopes around, drinking whiskey out of a tumbler. He puts his glass down when he notices a manila envelope full of pictures. The first picture is of Clark and Zod standing in the snow together. Tess, sauntering into the room behind him, asks, "You're not that naïve, are you?" He turns to look at her and wonders why shouldn't he work with Kal-El. "He doesn't have your best interests at heart," Tess says, circling around him much as Clark did earlier. "But you and I, we have a commitment to each other." Ooh, girl, you're horning in on Clark's new man! "You're not backing out on me, are you?" she asks, her face turned away so he can't see her uncertainty. He points out she's the one who sent someone to attack him. She sidles up to him and they start kissing. Talking about Clark and violence covers both of their turn-ons. Tess admonishes Zod not to side with Clark because he's too quick to switch allegiances. Yeah, one minute he's in love with Lois, then he's giving Zod those pants-searing looks, all while he's still pining for Lex! Fickle bastard. Zod sticks up for Clark, though, which prompts Tess to tell him about a "secret rebellion" among his soldiers. She shows Zod the rest of the pictures. They're of Clark meeting secretly with Alia and Faora to give them new identities. "A group of your people have turned against you," she says, "and are looking to a new leader." Zod doesn't look happy.

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