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Fucking hospital again. Pete has just come out of Bo's room. Clark sees him. Pete says that from the way Bo is going on about Kansas State's free shooting, you wouldn't know he'd had a heart attack. From anything on this show, you wouldn't know he'd had a heart attack. Dial it down a notch, Bo! Clark is glad Pete stopped by. Pete asks how Clark is holding up. Clark says it was tough, but now that Bo's "out of the woods" (but going back to the farm), he's feeling better. Pete says that Bo is the strongest guy he knows besides Clark. Smiles. Clark is really digging this boring conversation. Pete starts to leave. Clark asks if he's all right. I'm quickly falling asleep. Pete says that Clark has enough on his plate without Pete's adding to it. Not really. Clark has no life right now. It's the perfect time to burden him with your problems. Clark stops Pete from leaving and asks to know what's going on. Pete, almost crying, tells Clark about the non-thrown race. Pete doesn't know what to do. Clark doesn't know what $20,000 is like now that he's not evil and in Metropolis. Clark advises Pete to lie low until he figures something out.

Auto Barn. Clark comes into the barn, which is decorated with all the cars and racing memorabilia. He spots a locker with a bunch of stickers on it. "H&R"? The tax people? Clark does some X-Ray vision on the locker and sees a bunch of license plates inside. His eyes widen. No! Not license plates! Egads!

High school. Clark is sitting next to Chloe in the Torch office. She asks if he thinks Squinty Eyes Guy is more "Grand Theft Auto" than "Indy 500." She knows less about racing than I do! Clark asks why he'd have license plates and brand-new registrations to match. Chloe asks why Clark is so interested in this story. Clark says that once you get going on a good story, you can't stop until you get to the bottom of it. It must really suck to be Chloe and know how often Clark lies. Chloe gently brings up that she already knows about Pete "The Boss" Ross. Clark: Busted. Chloe says that Pete is her friend too, and that his life is at risk. Clark says that Pete asked him to keep it a secret. He did? When? Chloe reminds Clark that sometimes keeping a secret for a friend hurts more than it helps. Chloe says that Pete might listen to her, since Pete and Clark are like brothers. She says that, among siblings, it's sometimes hard to take advice. Chloe works on the computer and pulls up some of the VIN numbers Clark gave her. They all come up as "STOLEN." "He could be the poster boy for Lojack," Chloe says. Does she even know what she's talking about? I really do think she just carries an electronic word/phrase generator to make my life harder. Clark says it's all the evidence he needs: He's going to the sheriff. Chloe: "I guess I'll just...sit here then...shall I?...Right."

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