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Dark storm clouds over the lonely Kent Farm. In the barn, Clark is messing with a tractor. He's frustrated as he uses a wrench while screwing something else. There just seems to be something inherently wrong about Clark using tools. Can't he just turn the bolt with his fingers? Why does he need a socket wrench? Clark accidentally breaks the socket wrench in half. See? That's what I'm sayin'. Clark sighs heavily and grabs another wrench.

As he bends down, Clark sees MamaKent come into focus on the tractor's rearview mirror. Wow, Clark, you really gotta do something about that focusing vision problem. MamaKent is carrying a box. Clark complains that the tractor engine won't start and that he can't (grunt!) fix it. MamaKent says quietly that Clark is home from school early. Clark: "Yeah, well I sort of dropped out for the rest of the semester." I know Clark is sad, but...dude, it's community college. I bet they'd let you change your schedule to all Saturday classes. I bet they'd let you submit your homework on birchwood. Work something out, man! MamaKent doesn't approve. Nor do I. "You need me here," Clark says bitterly. "There's too much work to be done." When you farm bitterly like that, Clark, the sorghum tastes so sour. MamaKent starts to argue, but Clark says heavily, "Mom. It's done." Clark's hopes and dreams of a two-year associate's degree he could put toward a lucrative career in the air-conditioning services industry? Dashed.

MamaKent sighs and puts down the box she was carrying. She says that the governor called. He wanted to talk to her about Bo Duke's senate seat. Apparently, it smells like ass, which is strange because Bo hadn't even started his term yet. Does ghost ass smell? In any case, they want it fumigated, pronto. MamaKent says that going to Metropolis is the last thing she wants to do. ["Metropolis is the capital of Kansas now?" -- Wing Chun] She figured that, while she was there, she'd drop some of Bo Duke's clothes at a homeless shelter. Is it flannel? Because urban homeless people in Metropolis love farm-stained flannel. MamaKent says it may be too early to get rid of Bo's clothes, but that it's hard seeing them in the closet. Clark, who knows from seeing hard things in the closet, scowls and blinks. "I can still smell his aftershave on the shirts," MamaKent says, heartbreakingly. Clark, numb, nods. MamaKent suggests that Clark look through the clothes to see if there's anything he wants to keep. Clark says he's sure someone else can use the clothes more than he could. MamaKent looks at Clark for a while. Then she remembers something. She tells Clark she thinks Bo would have wanted Clark to have his wristwatch. It's a very nice watch with old-timey hands and a black leather band. It looks like it's in good condition considering Bo owned it. Clark can't look at the watch. "I remember the day he taught you how to tell time with it," MamaKent says, twisting the grief knife. Clark wonders why there's no 13 on the watch. Hurt deep inside, Clark says, "You should wear it." It is a bit small for a man's watch. MamaKent stares at Clark. Neither of them knows what to say. Clark suggests that MamaKent head out before it gets too dark. Why not just carry her there? MamaKent takes the hint and leaves the barn. Clark goes back to breaking more farm equipment. Dammit. Now Clark will never know whether it's time to make the donuts.

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