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Clark appears, and tells BatChica to let the police do their job: "If he's guilty, he'll pay!" He has a very shaky understanding of the U.S. legal system, I see. Shiny lipstick. BatChica asks Clark if his father were murdered, and he were face-to-face with the killer, what he'd do. Clark, keeping his distance, asks what happens if BatChica's wrong. Papa tries to get her to listen to Clark. Clark says he knows what's in BatChica's heart: anger. He says that he feels it too, but that taking Papa Luthor's life won't change anything. "Yes it will!" BatChica screams. It really will. He won't get to kill other people. Clark asks her to think about her mother and whether she'd want BatChica to do this. BatChica hesitates. "Let him go," Clark tells her. BatChica says that she killed a man. And she knows Clark. (When did they get this sudden deep understanding of each other?) She says that Clark would never let her just walk out of there after what she's done. She tells Clark to be the real hero. She drops Papa Luthor. Clark superspeeds toward the window. He grabs Papa Luthor and pulls him back in. BatChica leaps out herself. Clark and Papa Luthor stand at the broken window. Papa rubs his neck. "Exceptional woman," he says. "Grossly misguided." "She's been through a lot," Clark says stiffly. Papa thinks Clark saved him for her sake, not his. "Whatever the reason...thank you, son," Papa says, placing an evil hand on Clark's shoulder. The camera pulls back from that as they both stand in the high-altitude night breeze.

Commercials. Everybody hates The Burger King. I think he's kinda cool.

Kent barn at night. MamaKent walks in, looking for Clark. She spots a jacket belonging to Bo and sighs heavily. You can't tell me this is the same night. Jeez! She takes the jacket and holds it to her cheek. She sits down. Someone from an '80s rock video is standing to the side, backlit. MamaKent is startled. It's Papa Luthor. He apologizes for scaring her. She says it's fine. How long did it take him to get here? He guesses that these days are difficult to get through, and says he understands. He mentions his wife Lilian's death. "I thought I'd never be whole again," he says. "It takes a long time to let yourself heal." MamaKent says curtly that she's doing the best she can. Papa says he heard she talked to the governor about taking Bo Duke's senate seat. MamaKent turns slowly. Papa doesn't bother to ask about her nasty cheek cut. She says she hasn't even told Clark about that, and asks how Papa Luthor knows. He says he makes it a point to know things. MamaKent says she's not sure she'll take the offer. She hopes Papa didn't come to try to sway her one way or the other. He flatters her, telling her she's capable of making that decision on her own. He says he's sorry it's a burden to her with everything else she has to deal with. Papa steps forward. He says he knows Bo leveraged part of the farm to pay back his debt. "That was his decision," MamaKent says. "That was his pride," Papa replies. He says he can't accept it. He and Bo let politics and money come between them. "I don't want that to happen to us, Martha," Papa says, right up in MamaKent's face. She looks wounded and grateful at the same time. Papa starts to walk away. He says that if she needs anything, he's there for her always. "As a friend," he adds. Magnificent! Bastard!

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