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Commercials. Did you know that your iPod can speak in magic trails to the Ford Fusion? Is there nothing the Ford Fusion can't do?

Mid-point promo. "If you're just joining us...a mysterious woman has arrived in Metropolis. But is she a force for good or an agent of evil?" "Arrived"? I thought BatChica was from there.

Daily Planet. It can't still be the same day, can it? MamaKent walks in, past janitors, to Chloe's area. They just let MamaKent waltz right in after hours? Chloe asks what she's doing there. She's looking for Clark. That's a lot of driving for MamaKent for one night. What is that, nine hours' worth of driving? Chloe says that Clark left her holding the bag, literally, as if that's going to make any sense at all. MamaKent sighs in disappointment. Chloe tells her not to worry. She's sure Clark will pop up, or blur in, or whatever he does. MamaKent says that Clark's been gone all night and isn't answering his cell phone. "It's not like him," MamaKent says. Chloe says there's a lot that hasn't been like Clark lately. MamaKent asks Chloe to tell her what's going on. Chloe says that Clark feels guilty about the watch. MamaKent says that the more Clark pushes his feelings away, the worse it's going to get. Chloe says she knows, and is trying to help, but she doesn't think denial is that unusual. MamaKent is worried that Clark will take out his emotions somewhere unhealthy: "We both know what he's capable of." Chloe thinks that Clark will keep things in perspective, but MamaKent worries that Bo always knew what to say. Sometimes way too much. "I don't think he was the only one," Chloe says. "When he died, I really didn't know if I could keep the secret by myself," says MamaKent. "It's good to know you're here. Thank you." Chloe smiles. They hug. Chloe says that Clark will be fine, and that they won't let anything happen to him.

Bad side of Metropolis. (Though, to be fair, I'm not sure we've seen a good part of town yet.) Clark and Zorro del BatChica walk together toward a group of ne'er-do-wells. She spots the guy Bald Thug was with. Clark pushes someone aside after he informs them, "This isn't a costume party." BatChica suggests that maybe Clark should put the brawn away and let the brains handle this. Sure, but where are they gonna get some of those? BatChica goes right up to Asian Thug and grabs his face, examining some scrapes on it. "Looks like somebody got the best of you," she tells him. She says that they're looking for his friend, the one with the snake tattoo. "So why are you talking to me?" Thug asks. They tell him they want something back from him. Clark notices some other thugs reaching for their guns. "You know what? Just tell him we're looking for him," Clark says, pulling BatChica away. BatChica's not too pleased with that. Clark tells her to wait. They watch Asian Thug reach for his cell phone and make a call. Clark hears the conversation between "Ono" and "Snake." They were last in line at the Henchmen Naming Store. Clark superzips past "Ono" and takes his phone. Can you hear me now? Damn, you really can't! Ono can't act, sadly.

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