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Lair of Lex. Lex's Lady Assistant, who is really trying hard to rock the Tina Fey look, comes in through the double doors. You know, you really only need to open one. I know it looks cooler to open both and then close them behind you, like you're in a rock video, but...this isn't shot in slow-motion, so let's just save some energy, shall we? She tells Lex, who has his back to her and is staring at the stained-glass window, that all the tracks have been covered linking Lex to the locket. Lex insists on secrecy. She tells him that after all these years, he should trust her to know the magnitude of this moment. Lex says it's funny. In fact, I'm laughing right now. Ha ha. Oh, that was a good one, Lex. He says that after all those jaunts all over the world and cave explorations, the secret of Veritas was so much closer than he thought. Lady Fey steps forward toward the desk and says that it's almost poetic. She says sometimes what we're searching for is right in front of us. Uh...hello? You want Lex. Badly. Is this the part where she takes off the glasses, tosses her hair around and starts unbuttoning her blouse so Lex can ravish her on the desk? It sure looks like it. She says she's confused about one thing. She thought Lex just found out about Veritas. Why was he searching for it his whole life? Lex explains that he always knew his dad was covering some sort of secret involving symbols and secret stones. "I just didn't know it had a name," Lex says. She asks what the final piece was. "My own memory," Lex says. He tells her that ever since the meteor shower, there were years that were blocked out. But ever since he got shot in Detroit (you have to be really specific since Lex has been shot about 100 times), he's been having flashbacks. "And that's how you remembered that," Lady Fey says. Helpful. Lex just stares at her, thinking, "That was a really dumb sentence." She was actually referring to the locket, which we now see in close-up. We flash over to a Lex memory.

Oh, childhood! It's all gauzy and soft-focus. We see the Luthor crest mounted on a wall. A young girl in a dress (Patty Swann) walks past it. We see three boys. One of them is Li'l Lex. Another one is young Ollie. The third is presumably Jason Teague. They tell the girl to go again. She's reluctant, but goes ahead and counts to 10 in a game of Hide and Seek. The boys scramble. She peeks at around "3." Cheater! Ollie hides behind a grandfather clock. Jason jumps in a giant chest. Li'l Lex looks around, searching for some hiding. He goes through a closet door and ducks down. He sucks on an aspirator. He hears men talking through a grate near the floor. One of the voices is Papa Luthor. They're talking about Patricia's vivid imaginings and something about the death of Virgil Swann. Papa Luthor is telling the other two men that if they don't open an envelope, Dr. Swann's findings could be "as mythical as Mt. Olympus." Papa is rocking the retro avant-garde turtleneck. One of the other men holding a Veritas envelope says that Virgil will be here any minute. Edward Teague says that Veritas is the greatest secret the world will ever know. Then it won't be a secret, will it? The other guy, Robert Queen, says that they were supposed to use their money and power to protect the secret, not expose it. Papa is trying to persuade them not to blindly follow Dr. Swann. Papa thinks that just because Swann made the discovery doesn't give him the right to keep it to himself. Silly astronomer! Papa wants the envelope. Queen's not handing it over. He says they're supposed to meet The Traveler first before they decide how to control him. Papa, paranoid, thinks that Queen has been working with Swann in secret and that Edward and his wife, Genevieve, have been "Galavanting" around the world looking for the Power Stones. Edward says that this is bigger than the Teagues or the Queens or the Luthors. This is Trump-level, baby! Robert says that Veritas has been around for a long time and that Edward's family has been protecting the secret with sacrifices for centuries. Papa says that The Traveler is coming now and that they have to act. He thinks that what's in the envelope will give them ultimate power. He doesn't think the other men trust themselves with that power. They both tell Papa that they agreed not to open the envelope unless The Traveler became a threat. Robert is planning on flying to Zurich with Dr. Swann to lock the secret away. Nice giving away the location, Bob. He thinks that power should be left in the hands of the Gods. A door opens. Li'l Lex is watching this whole scene. Edward takes a necklace from a table and opens it. There's a key inside. As Li'l Lex watches, a wheelchair holding a silent Dr. Swann passes in front of him.

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