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Kent Farm. Clark is staring out of the big barn window. We hear whooshing all around. Clark turns to see Kara flying in through the window on the opposite end of the barn. She lands easily. "Easy as pie!" she says. Even summoning the power of pie doesn't excite Clark. He turns back toward the window. Kara says she knows Clark sent Lana off to the Isis Foundation so she wouldn't see his "Maiden voyage," but she wants to know when he'll stop stalling. Clark looks really scared and nervous. He takes a deep breath. Kara tries to give him a little push in the elbows. Clark turns and uses that as an excuse not to jump. "Not helping," he says. Kara steps back and says it's really easy. "Up, up, and away!" she says. Clark squints into the distance. He finally says, "I don't have time for this!" Dude, you've had seven seasons! Kara says that Braniac flew away. She asks how Clark intends to catch him. Surface-to-air eyejaculation? Clark says they have to find him first. He thinks they're wasting time with abilities he doesn't have. Clark doesn't think it'll be so easy to find him. He says even Chloe hasn't been able to track him. Clark wonders how they might do it. "Power," Kara says. She goes on to say that everyone has to be fueled by something. Quick, hit every place that serves food in the world! Clark says Braniac isn't affected by the sun the way they are. He asks what Braniac runs on. Super unleaded? "Maybe energy," Kara says. "He's a computer," Clark throws out there. This is like watching two people without sticks try to start a fire in the woods.

Lana is alone at Isis. She's looking over some folders when the lights and computer monitors start to flicker. Lana walks deeper into her computer lair. She tries to get the computers back online, but they shut off. As they do, Lana can see in a monitor's reflection that Braniac is behind her. She turns. He knows her name. She tries to run, but he whooshes in front of her and grabs her shoulders. He raises a hand and turns it into a finger-pick. It pierces Lana's forehead. Little spikes come out of it and go in through Lana's eyes. All three points come back out. The hole in Lana's head disappears, but her eye is bleeding. Branaic is very proud of his work. Hey, so am I!

Commercials. Gossip Girl. I heard a rumor that this show is fairly entertaining.

Daily Planet. I sure hope we're about to see Jimmy and Lois returning their press badges in disgrace. Aw, no such luck. Instead, we see Clark picking up a copy of the paper. The bottom half of the front page (newspapers never design a front page in perfect halves, but whatever, show) is a story about Patricia Swann. Instead of a photo of the murder scene or mourners, we see a giant head shot of her. The ugly headline says, "Prominent Metropolis citizen dies a suspicious death." Was she really a Metropolis citizen? Hadn't she been in Europe for years and years? Can we get a name up in this headline to go with that ginormous mug shot? I have decided that everyone is just pretending The Daily Planet is a great newspaper and that outside its walls, everyone makes fun of it and wonders how they stay in business. Also, I wonder what news was so important that it took up the top half of the front page. Probably a giant coupon. Clark picks up the paper (it burnnnnns!) and asks Chloe about it just as she's walking in. Clark is allowed in the building when Chloe's not there? What the FUCK!? Clark asks why Chloe didn't tell him they found Patricia Swann the night before. She says she just walked through the door. Chloe glances at the paper and sighs. "Another member of the Veritas clan is silenced." Clark asks if she thinks Papa Luthor was behind the murder. Chloe says that he was trying to throw suspicion on Lex, but that she's found no link between Lex and Veritas other than his relation to Papa Luthor. She says all roads lead to Papa Luthor. "What if she died protecting me? Protecting my secret?" Clark asks. Well, she was in Metropolis because of you so...yeah. I'd say she died for you. Tough one, Clark. Chloe says they don't have time for guilt right now. Chloe says she's been sweet-talking a guy at the department of water and power to "Fast-track" her password so she can see if there are any unusual power grid surges. She sees surges in Brazil, Honduras, and Florida. She says Braniac really gets around. ¡Olé! Chloe spots something on the computer. It's a big power surge in Metropolis, right near the Isis Foundation. Ruh-oh! "Lana," Clark says. Oh yeah. Her.

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