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Kent home. Clark is calling out for Lana. He leaves the front door wide open. Were you raised in a barn? Oh. I guess you kind of were. Clark finds her in the kitchen. She's standing at the stove with her back to Clark. She's completely still. Clark goes to her. She's holding the handle of a boiling pot of water. The pot has a metal handle and she's still holding it even though the water is boiling over and it's muy caliente. Clark takes her hand. It's all scarred up. Ouchie. Her eyes are closed. She opens them to face Clark. The pupils are all blue and clouded over. Kara comes in at that moment and grouses, "So much for teamwork. Why'd you disappear on me?" She turns and sees something's wrong. She asks what happened. We see the burned hand again as Clark holds it gently. Lana walks slowly toward the counter. "It's Braniac. He's done something," Clark says. Kara thinks it should have been her. Lanabot 5000 uses a Sharpie to write a message on a nearby pad of paper. Without looking down, she writes a bunch of Kryptonian symbols. It says, "Buy oven mitts." Also: "Deliver Kara, Daily Planet." Are you sure it's not, "Kara, deliver The Daily Planet?" It could be a whole new career path for her. Kara takes the pad so she can closely examine the four words herself. Clark tries to talk to Lanabot. She just stares at him more blankly than usual. Kara zips out of there because this is creeping her out, man. "Lana, please," Clark says. Lana's not here, dude! I am Lanabot 5000 and I'm no longer under warranty!

Commercials. Superhero Movie. I think I have enough to mock with this show, thanks very much.

Isis, nighttime. Jimmy and Lois show up. The door is unlocked, leading Jimmy to say that it takes the mystery out of breaking and entering. So they did intend to break in if it was locked? I don't even care what they'll find, I just want these two fired and thrown in prison already. Jimmy wonders why Papa Luthor would be sharing his deep dark secrets with Lana. Lois says he came to Isis straight from his office. She tells Jimmy to look around. Lois finds Lana's computer room. The screens are back on. Jimmy whistles. "I'm sorry, but this is really..." he begins. Lois finishes the thought with, "Creepy." Jimmy corrects her: "Sexy." Hot monitors, baby. Lois finds the envelope that Papa Luthor left behind. Of course she opens it and reads. It's a photo of a dude with a note from Papa Luthor. Lois says it's the driver/murderer of Patricia Swann. The note says that Papa's innocent and that he needs help. Lana has to believe him. Another photo from the envelope shows Lex talking to the shady driver/killer. Lois adds one and one together and comes up with two, improbably. She says Lex is the one who hired the driver, not Papa. She smiles a little. Murder is awesome!

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