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Daily Planet. Lex is in his newspaper office. He puts his passport atop the contents of a business briefcase. Lady Fey walks in. "They're preparing the jet. I hope you found the bank," Lex tells her. She says she did locate the bank, but there's been a roadblock. Lex tells her to pay off whoever's gumming up the works at the bank. She tells him that the bank has held off the Third Reich, the Sicilian Mafia and Al-Qaeda. She doesn't think they'll be scared of Lex Luthor. Lex says that if they need authorization, he has the key. She says they have a key. You actually need two keys to get into this safety deposit box. "Two?" Lex asks. Yes. Twice as many! Inconceivable! Lex opens his briefcase and pulls some files from it. Lex finds an old copy of The Daily Planet. The front page headline reads, "Queen Industries CEO Missing, Presumed Dead."

And we're in a flashback. Li'l Lex is playing with what looks like a Warrior Angel action figure atop the same newspaper copy. He makes flying sounds. It's cute. A man comes into the room, passing the boy. Li'l Lex is outside of his dad's office. He sees Papa Luthor talking to one of his henchmen, who is confirming details of the Queen "Accident." Papa asks if the man has their key. He does. He hands it over to Papa. A helicopter is waiting for Papa Luthor. Papa tells someone on the phone that he has the key and that now they just need Dr. Swann's. Papa is telling the person on the phone that The Traveler is useless to them unless they can control him. Papa tells the person that the answer to a question is in a deposit box in Zurich. Papa comes out and asks Li'l Lex if he's ready for an adventure. The kid, happy, is more than ready. He asks for the boy's tie. Li'l Lex hands it over. Papa Luthor fixes the boy's tie as he tells him that they're going to fly in a helicopter to a friendly little down just outside the city (not three hours away?) called Smallville. It won't end well. Li'l Lex leaves behind his copy of the newspaper as he's led away by Papa Luthor.

We come back to the present on the same newspaper. Lex tells Lady Fey that he doesn't think they'll have to go far to find the key. "Like you said, most things we're searching for are closer than we realize," Lex repeats. You do know she was talking about getting sexed up when she said that, right?

A rooftop in Metropolis. Kara looks around. Clark whooshes there. He says that she can't do this. Kara feels guilty and says that Braniac wants her. Clark says he won't lose Lana and Kara, too. "You won't have to," Braniac says, having shown up stealthily. Clark asks what he did to Lana. "A little adjustment to the central nervous system." He says it's completely irreversible by human standards, but that he could reverse the damage. Because he's awesome. Kara asks what he wants. She doesn't want Lana to suffer. Braniac says that Lana is suffering. He says there's a part of Lana that's completely aware of what's happening, but that she has no control over her body. He smiles and says that everything she does, even every breath, is controlled by him. Clark, mad, tells him to leave Lana out of this. Braniac also mentions that Lana is in excruciating pain. He says she just can't express it. He tells Kara that she can end this. He wants her to come with him. Kara steps forward. Clark tells her not to go and that it's a trap. "You can't trust him!" he says. Kara says it's the only way to save Lana. She and Braniac fly up into the sky together. Kara goes first. Braniac gives Clark a dirty look and then follows. We get a nice visual of the camera pulling back, into the sky, away from the planet and into the cosmos. Kara follows Braniac way into the universe. We see them fly past a satellite and then they create a flashy boom way off in the distance. Supporting!

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