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Commercials. I do quite like Reaper.

Daily Planet, nighttime. Papa Luthor is sitting, looking very sad. He sees Chloe coming down the stairs. He rushes to her and says that he has to talk to Clark. Chloe walks right past him, saying that it's a little late to mend that fence. "It's amazing how a couple of cold-blooded murders can come between people," she tells him. Papa tries to defend himself, saying he's taken moral responsibility for everything he's done in the past. Chloe brings up the recent murders. "I did not...DID NOT kill Patricia Swann!" he says desperately. Chloe asks why she should believe him after he killed off the rest of Veritas. He says he was given a gift. He was chosen by Jor-El to serve him, to be his emissary and his vessel. "And that changed me," he says, "that made me a different man." Chloe says, "We're not stupid." She says that Papa preyed on Clark's need to see the good in people and his forgiveness. She says he's cried wolf one time too many. Papa begs Chloe. He gets on his knees and everything, begging her to listen. Papa says that Clark has turned away from Jor-El and that's making him vulnerable. He says Clark is in terrible danger. Chloe says the danger is only coming from Papa. He grabs Chloe's arms roughly and says crazily, "No! I've repented!" He gets himself under control as Chloe shakes his hands away. Chloe mocks Papa Luthor for being spiritual. She says he amassed all the power he could until he found Clark and now Clark is the closest he'll ever get to seeing God. Papa grabs her again as she tries to walk off. He says that protecting Clark is the only way he's found to pay for his sins. He asks if that's not what they all want: to protect Clark and repent for their sins. Chloe thinks he's going a little crazy. She looks scared. Papa grits his teeth. He says none of that matters. "What's so terrible," he says. Chloe thinks it's a false warning. She walks off as Papa Luthor begs after her.

The mental hospital where Chloe's mother was staying. Clark is in the waiting room. Chloe shows up. She asks how Lana is doing. Clark looks grim. Chloe is sorry. Clark says he has to find Braniac. He asks Chloe if she has any leads. She doesn't. She says he and Kara both vanished. A door opens. An orderly says Clark can see Lana now. Where's Aunt Nell? Chloe says she'll wait for Clark. A very sad song begins to play as Clark walks down a long hallway. He sees Lana sitting by herself at the end of it. "Lana?" he says. She's staring outside a window. A stone angel is next to her in case you need it hammered into your brain that Lana is a perfect angel in a state of grace. Clark kneels in front of her. She stares off with her strange eyes. Clark touches her face. He says it's Clark. She looks right past him. Clark takes her hand. "Kal-El," she whispers. "Kal-El." Clark leans in. "You're too late, Kal-El," she says. Her face is evil. Clark gets the watery-eyes. He looks into her cloudy peepers to try to find some Lana in there. It's too much. He closes her eyes with his hand. He stares at Lana and then breathes heavily. He bends down and buries his head in Lana's lap. Chloe opens the door and watches Clark from the end of the hallway. She starts to tear up, too. Clark cries in a lovely shot of shadows against the daytime outside. Let the mourning for Lana!

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