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Kneel Before...Lana?

Worst use of stock footage this season on any show. We see riots in NEW YORK. Footage from the '90s riots in LOS ANGELES. Dudes, this is horrible. The computers go out for a bit, and all of a sudden the whole country is looting? This show is like the anti-West Wing. No faith in our country whatsoever. I'd love to see BOISE and have nothing happening there. In METROPOLIS, a dumpster is burning. Everyone is beating the shit out of each other and, for no reason, cars. It's chaos and sirens and helicopters. This is what happens when you shut down all the Starbuck's at once.

Chloe, instead of staying safe at the Planet, is trying to navigate through the Metropolis city streets. Someone throws a Molotov cocktail at a police car. It bursts into flames. Then the dude that threw it is on fire. Nelson goes, "Ha ha!" Chloe turns and runs the way that she came. People keep trying to grab on to her. Riot-gear police. Things get ugly. Chloe finds herself backed against a chain link fence. I hope these extras got paid really well, because this looks like a shitty day on the set. Chloe sees a car with the license plate "LUTHRIV." Intravenous Luthor? Chloe runs toward the limo and begs to be let in. A door opens. Papa Luthor's head pops out: "Get in!" Chloe does. But it's a bad idea, because the car starts getting smashed by rioters immediately. So all of the computers and infrastructure are gone, but cars still work? Rioters rock the limo. Papa Luthor is dragged out of the car through a broken window. "Mr. Luthor!" Chloe yells. Then another window is broken, and Chloe herself is dragged out. She has no pepperspray? No stun-gun? The camera pulls back from overhead, as two dudes are pulling on Chloe's arm, and another guy steps over her to get somewhere else. Now, make of this what you will. I think people are being jackasses here and rioting and whatnot, but the shot is so quick (it's four seconds at most), that I don't think impending gang-rape is what's implied. However, lots of people on the forums immediately thought that when they saw it, so obviously some wires were crossed here. Whatever you think of the scene, I think we can agree that it was badly staged because it's unclear what exactly the danger is to Chloe. Is she about to get beat up? Raped? Robbed? Stepped on? It's one thing to leave a character in peril as a cliffhanger, but quite another to do it in a way that leaves such a disturbing image for such a long period of time with no clear idea of what's going on. I wonder if this is what the WB would call part of a "Fresh Episode."

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