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Kneel Before...Lana?

The Caves of Contrivance. The octagonal disc makes a cameo appearance, as Clark slips it into the table slot. Bright light. Camera shakes.

The Fortress of Iceitude. The voice of Jarnelle greets Clark. "Clark, my son, you never call! We never go fishing! You know that song about the cat in the cradle and the silver spoon, Clark? I don't know what that Earth drivel means, but I know that it makes me sad, my son!" Clark says that he had no choice but to come here. Got any money you could loan me, Dad? I'll totally pay you back as soon as the band starts touring. Jarnelle says that he knows Clark is still angered by the death of Bo Duke. "He was my father," Clark says. Ouch! Jarnelle says that he is Clark's father, and that pain is part of life. So suck it, baby boy. He tells Clark not to let anger blind him. Whatever you say, invisible dude. Clark says that SoFine is trying to release Zod, and that Clark needs to know what to do. Jarnelle says that SoFine is part of the "croft" that can regenerate in any form. He's going to turn into Lara Croft! Sweet! Clark asks who's controlling the ship. Jarnelle says that it's not just a ship. It's a "brain interactive construct." Oh, like some Braniac thing. Jarnelle says that it'll stop at nothing until Zod is released. Clark thinks that there must be some way to stop Zod. Jarnelle says Zod committed acts that led to the destruction of Krypton; he killed Jarnelle, Clark's mama, and the entire race. Jarnelle says Zod will do that on Earth, too. What's in it for him to do that? Jarnelle says that Zod's physical body was destroyed when they stuck him in the Phantom Zone. He can be freed if he finds a vessel to inhabit. A sexy bald one, preferably. The stack 'o ice dildos lights up. One thrusts itself at Clark. On the other end is a sharp dagger. Kinky! The Ice Dildo Dagger floats in front of Clark. Choose which end to use wisely. Jarnelle says that no matter who it might be, the vessel has to be destroyed. Kryptonian symbols light up on the dagger handle. We go to white.

Daily Planet. Daytime. Clark has told Chloe what just happened. She's shocked that Jarnelle would ask Clark to kill someone. Clark says that he's not doing it. Chloe thinks that disobeying Jarnelle will also have terrible consequences. Clark thinks that there must be another way. What if we built a large wooden badger? Chloe asks questions about Zod that have pretty much already been answered. "What if the vessel is Lex?" Clark asks her. Well, you should know, Clark. What's his entry point like? Chloe figures that's why the ship took him and why SoFine was preparing him. Just then, Lana appears in the doorway and stops to listen. "If I'm right," Clark says, "I've got to kill Lex." Lana doesn't seem to like that idea.

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