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Goodbye Jocko

What, there's more? Lex is at the hospital. He's watching Dr. Glasses talk to some other lady in the hall. This place is so badly lit. Dr. Glasses turns from the conversation and sees Lex. Lex says what he did was inexcusable, and that he should have trusted her. She says it's too late. Lex launches into one of his sob stories about how he was raised to mistrust and how daddy warped him. Dr. Glasses is sorry Lex grew up that way, but still. Lex goes on, not even hearing her. He says that when his mom died, he built a wall around his heart. That wall grew taller and more fortified. Soon, he found himself in court defending himself against a giant anus judge and running like hell until he was comfortably numb. And then he built a fortress around her heart, encircled her in trenches and barbed wire. No, wait, it wasn't Roger Waters or Sting at all. These are Lex's totally original and compelling ideas and thoughts. I'm sorry I interrupted. Lex says that his heart became impenetrable, but that he wants to tear down the wall and has no idea how to do it. He wants to know what love is. He wants you to show him. Let's talk about love. Dr. Glasses sighs, turns, and suddenly looks a little drugged up. "Lex," she says. Lex says he's never asked anyone for help, but that he's asking for it now. Help him if you can, he's going down. And he does appreciate you being round. "I don't want to become my father," Lex says. Dr. Glasses slowly takes his hand and leads him down the hall. It's sweet even despite all the clichés. They go down the hall together as a very sad song by Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules from Donnie Darko soundtrack begins to play. It has the same melody as the start of "Gone Away" by The Offspring.

The song continues into the next scene. Clark is in the cave he discovered with Wolf Girl (and I'm very glad they didn't completely forget that storyline). Clark holds up the now-crystal necklace and shines a flashlight up to the spiral cave drawing. He stashes the necklace when he hears someone approach. It's Lana. "I called your house. Your mom said you were down here," she says, shakily. "I am so sorry," Clark says. Lana is crying. She shakes her head and cry-smiles. "I never should have sent that video," she says. Clark tells her not to do that to herself. He approaches. She says that Jocko was missing in action, fighting for his life, thinking she wasn't there and that she didn't care. "It's not your fault," Clark says. Lana comes to Clark. She walks right past him. She says that every person she's ever gotten close to has left -- her parents, Nell, Jocko. Um, Nell asked you to come along to Metropolis and you abandoned her. Lana sniffs. "I know I haven't been a good friend," she says. You think? Clark lies that she's been a great friend. Lana says she's doubted Clark and accused him of things, and that still he's there, protecting her. "I don't care if you have secrets, Clark," she says. I get emotional here in spite of myself. "You're the one. Good. Constant thing in my life and I don't want to lose you, too." For the record, Lana is emoting the crap out of this scene. And it's good, even if you have to wonder how these two people made the death of three others -- one of them a soldier who died overseas -- totally about themselves and their friendship. I guess Clark and Lana must be aliens from the sun, because the world sure does seem to revolve around them. Clark hugs Lana. She cries on his shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere," Clark says. Lana cries some more. Clark looks off to the wall. Nice overhead shot of the cave. Clark's flashlight shines up to the ceiling.

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