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Goodbye Jocko

Jocko Central. Jocko's mom has made a bunch of cookies and arranged them strangely on a plate as if they're bricks. She effuses that her son is back with the prettiest girl in school. Lana -- who is sitting at the table with Jocko -- shifts uncomfortably. They drink coffee everywhere on this show except at Jocko's, where they're having milk. Lana's like, "Where's the espresso to put in this?" Jocko says he bets Lana thought she'd never see him again. What a strange thing to say. Lana says she never gave up hope. Jocko -- who looks very red in this scene -- takes her hand and says that when he was lost, the thought of seeing Lana again was all that kept him going. How depressing. Lana stiffens her upper lip. Jocko moves in to kiss her, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS MOM, and Lana understandably pulls back and gets out of her chair. Damn right. He asks what's wrong. Your MOM is what's wrong. Fool. Lana asks about the video letter she sent. "Video letter? What'd it say?" Jocko asks. Behind them is a photo of Jocko in his letterman jacket with Lana. As sad music plays, Lana walks past Jocko. Jocko says that when his platoon was ambushed, he was caught in an explosion. Some of his memory was wiped out and all he remembers now is what happened on Dallas before Patrick Duffy was taking a shower. Jocko says the one thing he does remember is how much he cares for her. And his mom's cookies. He wants things to be the way they used to be. They hug. Lana rolls her eyes around.

Stately Luthor Manor. Someone walks in, and Lex regards the person with cold eyes. Ooh, it's Dr. Glasses from two episodes back -- the cute physician with dropkicking issues. She's Dr. Contacts in this scene, by the way, and she's dressed up in a nice black dress and wholly unnecessary scarf. She says she's sorry she's late, but she had a patient go into cardiac arrest and telling the patient she had a date might have seemed insensitive. Hee. Lex regards her with a warm puddle of pissy hate. "Patient's fine now, thanks for asking," says Dr. Contacts when Lex is silent. She's got a lot of makeup on. "You told me you never met my father," Lex says, and shoves a folder at her. It's photos of her sitting with Blind Lemon Luthor. She asks who took them. Because, nice likeness. Lex says that a private investigator took them. "You had me followed?" Dr. Contacts asks. Nope. He was having Papa Luthor followed. "How long have you been working for him?" Lex asks. She says it only took her five days (um, way more than five days have passed since two episodes ago, by the way) to find out that Lex is delusional. Lex says money was wired to her account from LuthorCorp. "You checked my bank account?" she asks, angrily. Dropkick him! He says that when he found out she was talking to his dad, he did a complete background check. Not cool, dude. But I can see why he'd be worried. Remember Boobs McChesty? No, don't! Lex says her treating kids in Rwanda for two weeks a year must do wonders for her conscience. Ass. "Who are you?" asks Dr. Contacts. Lex says he's been burned by the opposite sex more times than he can count. What about the same sex? Lex gets up and circles his desk. He asks why a Harvard-educated woman with integrity would accept six figures to spy on a man she claims to have feelings for. She spits back that she doesn't recall claiming anything of the sort. Ooh, Lex, add that to your burn list. "Second of all," she says, she's not gonna put up with his paranoid BS. She says that if Lex thinks she will, he's even more arrogant than people say. I think she won this one. She leaves and slams the door.

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