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Goodbye Jocko

A set of stables. Lana (in her all-pink outfit) and Jocko walk in and Lana makes a beeline (horseline?) for a horse that I think is named Heisman. She feeds it carrots and hopes it's a first-round draft pick. Jocko stares at Lana and says this is what he misses the most -- when it's just the two of them. And a horse. He notices that Lana is wearing her meteor-rock necklace. Jocko is like a puppy dog in this scene. Jocko says he always pictured her wearing it. Lana says she wanted to know Jocko was safe before she wore it again. Jocko doesn't remember having the necklace. She says she gave it to him when he left for basic training. It was sent back to Jocko's mom when he was listed as missing. "Why can't I remember?" Jocko asks. Lana platitudes that he should be glad he's alive and with people who care about him. Jocko sighs. He says he's been thinking, which is always a bad sign. He says that now that Nasty Nell is gone, maybe they should live together. Couldn't he get arrested for that? Is Lana even legal? Lana moves her eyes around and makes a bunch of faces. She says they can't move in together. Jocko gets pissed. "This is about Clark, isn't it?" I think it's about statutory rape. Lana says they're just friends, and looks to the right. Jocko says that Clark has secrets. "What kind of secrets?" Lana asks, and looks to the right. Are her lines posted on the barn door, or what? Jocko looks in the same direction and says that Clark's not what he seems. Lana asks for a clarification, but Jocko suddenly says, "Can we not talk about Clark?" Um, you brought him up, fool. Lana scoffs, and Jocko apologizes for the whole moving in/stealing her youth thing. He says he just wants to be with her all the time. Scarily. Lana says it's fine, but she seems pretty freaked out. The horse has no idea what to make of this, but he wishes this episode were more Lex-centric.

Stately Luthor Manor. The red pool table. Lex bends down into the shot to aim. He says there's no way of knowing what kind of inside information "she" gave up about his company. Lex's shirt nearly matches the table felt. Lex sinks the cue ball, totally missing the purple 12. Symbolism? I'm too tired to wonder. Clark fishes in the hole for Lex's ball and sets up his own shot. He's wearing a bright blue shirt. He says that everything Lex has told him about Dr. Glasses, in all the episodes we never saw, would lead him to believe she's not the espionage type. Clark shoots weakly. Lex says that, one day, Clark'll learn the "frustrating truth" that people are rarely who they appear to be. It's even worse if they've been Body-Snatched. Clark asks if Dr. Glasses gave an explanation. Lex says they didn't get that far. Lex says she got mad about being investigated, and stormed off. Clark slyly says that if he were being investigated, he'd be a little ticked off, too. Lex gives that moment a beat, but moves on. He says that the most pathetic thing about it is that he actually pictured a future with this woman. Lex lays down his mighty stick and goes for a drink. Clark holds his own cue and tosses a ball in the air. He says that the thing with Dr. Glasses may not be what it looks like. Lex says he wishes he were an optimist like Clark. Clark says he hasn't been very optimistic lately. Oh, poor you. It's not like you have a kryptonite freak to deal with this week. I mean, not yet. Lex asks if Clark is back on his own one-yard line with Lana. Clark gives Lex a sly little smile. Lex tells him to be patient; he says that most quarterback careers don't last that long. Say what? Clark says there's something else: Since Jocko has been back, he's been acting bizarre, like he's someone else. Clark carries both pool sticks at the same time, but Lex isn't even visibly aroused. Sigh. I miss the good old days. Lex says that Jocko may have post-traumatic stress. Lex says that some of his employees got that after the "Tempest" tornadoes. Lex sent them to a specialist in Metropolis, where all medical specialists on this show live. Lex says he could get Jocko an appointment. Clark thanks him. I wish he were thanking Lex for hot HoYay!. What happened to this show?

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