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The Marshall Mouthers Episode

Hospital. Dropkick is talking to MamaKent in the hall. She says she was surprised to see MamaKent's name. Dropkick says she hasn't had any new patients since the Inquisitor story. But MamaKent isn't really a new patient, is she? MamaKent says that people can be small-minded, and that she hopes things work out for Dropkick. Dropkick says that according the OB chart, the pregnancy has been smooth sailing. MamaKent doesn't think so. MamaKent confirms that everything here is confidential and that Dropkick won't tell Lex anything. MamaKent says that Bo Duke doesn't know she's there. Dropkick assures her of the confidentiality. Dropkick asks whether this visit has to do with Clark's blood or MamaKent's miraculous recovery from a few episodes back. Dropkick says she doesn't know what happened, but if MamaKent wants answers, she'll have to be completely honest. "For your safety. And the baby's," Dropkick adds.

The shack of Marshall Mouthers. Clark just walks in like it's totally fine and calls out for Marshall. Instead, he finds Lex there. Those two seem to always be after the same guys. Lex is sitting down at a computer. He says he's always wanted to meet an alien. Lex says that when he heard about Lana's horse, he figured Marshall must be the friend Clark mentioned. Clark should tell Lex to butt out here, but Lex would just get excited at the word "butt." Clark says he thought Lex didn't believe all this. Lex says that after the cave paintings and stuff, he tries to keep an open mind. Lex hands a spiral notebook over to Clark. It's got drawings of the meteor shower. Lex confesses that he's always thought the meteor shower would have been the perfect cover for the landing of an alien ship. Lex offers Clark a ride. Clark says he'll stay and wait. Lex tells Clark he'd like to buy Marshall a latte some time. Does it seem like Marshall needs any more coffee? Lex leaves. Clark starts flipping through the notebook. Marshall walks in just then, I guess barely missing Lex or having hidden from him. "I don't trust your friend," he says. Clark counters, "I know you faked the fire." Marshall says he doesn't deny it, but that those "intelligence-challenged" bullies have been harassing him since he got to town. Clark asks why he didn't use his powers. Marshall says he only has the power to heal. But earlier, he asked if Clark wanted to know about his "other" powers. Guess he was just frontin'. Clark asks if he healed that horse. "Believe what you want," Marshall says. Clark asks about a drawing in the notebook. It looks a little like Clark's ship, sailing down among meteors. Marshall says he dreams about his parents. Clark says he believes Marshall. Marshall's lip trembles a little. Clark's the first person who doesn't think he's crazy. Or who doesn't think he belongs in Detroit.

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