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Dead On A Rival

Lex's death trip! Instead of a tunnel of flowers, Lex merely bright-flashes to his own office fireplace. Lex is like, "Did I get shot again?" He breathes heavily. Gets up. Piano music starts to play. Lex turns. Walks toward the sound. Two large candelabras flank the piano. A redheaded woman sits at the piano, playing beautifully. "Mom?" Lex says. The woman in white says that she used to practice this for hours before Julian was born. "You'd sit next to me, quiet as a mouse," she tells Lex, smiling. "Such a good little boy." She plays a bad note, mashing her hands on the keyboard, and pulls her hands away. "Never could get that part right," she says. Lex tells her he was injected with a hypodermic. He thinks he went into shock. "No you didn't," she tells him. Lillian steps toward her son. "Like last time? What was it then that brought you to me?" She says he was shot right after plotting the destruction of Bo Duke's reputation so that he could become senator. "How'd that turn out, by the way?" she asks. Lex says that if she were really his dead mother, she'd already know. She says it was a rhetorical question, Alexander. She doesn't seem too thrilled to see her baby. Wow. Hot mama. I just turned thirty-one. Why are all the moms on this show suddenly hotter to me than the younger lead actresses? Lillian says that Lex ignored what she showed him and gave up the life he could have had. He asks what path he's supposed to have chosen. "You think the path you've chosen isn't going to hurt?" she asks. "It will. More than you can ever imagine." She says he's not the only one who'll suffer. She closes her eyes in great pain and talks about a field of flowers laid barren by an emptiness that can never be filled. Oh no. Lex is going to be president of Clear Channel! "Unless I keep you here," Lillian adds, putting a hand on Lex's cheek. Lex closes his eyes. Lillian begs him to stay with her: "Don't let the blood wash away what's left of your soul." Lex asks what she's talking about. He seems scared. "What blood?" he asks. Lillian goes next to him and whispers in his ear: "The blood of all the people you're going to murder." Whoa. This is some fucked-up shit right here. Lillian lifts Lex's hand. He's wearing a heavy black glove on his right hand. No! Not the porn hand! Bright light flashes, and Lex is suddenly pulled away through the tunnel. It's not Flatliners, we swear.

Lex wakes up with his back against a wall in a bathroom. Chloe is holding an empty hypo. "God, this stuff's got a kick!" she says. Lex asks what happened. Chloe tells him that she found his body while she was looking for Lana. She found vials of stuff and figured if the green one killed him, the red one would bring him back. How did she know it was the green stuff that got inside him? Lex looks at Chloe in shock. "What?" she asks. "You were already dead. I figured I'd take a chance." Will Lex be grateful that Chloe saved his life? He says that they have to help Lana. Chloe asks where she went. He doesn't seem to know. Welcome back, Lex.

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