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Of Curses and Comic Cons

Stephen has brought Chloe to the rooftop of a Metropolitan skyscraper. He gives her a shove and she stumbles backwards, closer to the edge. "Tell me where your friend is," he says, "so I can stop her." He advances on Chloe, telling her he doesn't want to hurt her, but he will if he has to. The veins on his face and neck are totally grossing me out. They're all bumpy and blue, like varicose veins. Chloe backs away from him, getting closer still to the edge. This particular building must be super tall, because the other skyscrapers just behind Chloe are dwarfed. Chloe begs Stephen to think things through. He wants to be a hero, doesn't he? She runs out of rooftop and inches up onto a gargoyle. Stephen thinks villains are more interesting anyway. (Zod: "Yes, we are, but we also get crap for screen time!") Chloe tries to reason with the part of Stephen that's still Alec. Would his parents have wanted this? He just gets pissed off. Suddenly, his superhearing picks up the sounds of Zatanna chanting. He grabs the sides of his head as the chanting grows louder and louder. He lets out an agonized scream. A flash of the Watchtower shows the comic book in flames. Stephen is engulfed in a corresponding pentagram, which explodes with red light. The shock wave sends Chloe hurtling backwards off the roof. She plummets down and down and then, just before she can splat all over the city street below, Clark whooshes up to catch her. He carries her back up to the roof and sets her back on her feet. Back to his true self, little boy Alec is huddled against a wall in tears. Chloe goes to him. "Are you all right?" He goes to hug her, sniffling, "It was just an accident." That's becoming your battle cry, isn't it? Chloe tearfully rests her cheek on the top of his head.

Kent Farm. Little boy Alec gazes out the barn window as Clark comes up the stairs. "How's Chloe?" he has the sense to ask. "She's been better," Clark says. The kid apologizes, saying he's never felt like a... He can't think of the word. Clark offers: "Like a bully?" Alec nods. Clark tells him that the true test of a hero is not to let the sadness and loneliness take over. "Especially when you have super powers," Alec says. Clark agrees, and adds, "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." Keep that in mind next time you want to toss people into walls, big guy. Alec wonders why Clark chooses to be a hero when it's so hard. "I do it because I want to help people," Clark says. Plus he gets to wear a long, flappy coat and pose moodily on rooftops. Alec smiles up at him and wonders what he's supposed to do now. Clark tells him to go home and be a kid. "And remember the next time you run into a bully, there's some goodness in there." Eh. Before Alec goes, he gives Clark a drawing he made of him as the Red-Blue Blur. [It's basically the Superman costume, which means that someday Clark will rely on the fashion advice of 12-year-olds. - Z] They beam at each other.

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