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Of Curses and Comic Cons

The permanently full moon seems especially full and glowy as it perches beside the Daily Planet building's iconic golden globe. Clark, still looking a bit flustered, rushes into the basement office, only to be drawn up short when he sees Oliver visiting Lois at her desk. Lois is on the phone, so Oliver says goodbye with a kiss to the top of her head. Clark intercepts him on the way out. "Hey, Oliver, what's up?" he asks a little too brightly. Oliver owed Lois some football tickets, he says. He wishes Clark luck with Lois. "You might be bulletproof, but you might want to duck and cover in there," he says, struggling for a moment to seem sympathetic before an impish smile betrays him. Clark takes a breath and approaches Lois. Still on the phone, she oh-so-casually asks him about his "friend" Zatanna. What was she supposed to be dressed as anyway? Don't be snarking on other women's skimpy costumes, little miss French maid. Clark assures Lois she has nothing to worry about where Zatanna is concerned. "Of course not," Lois said, "because only jealous women worry." She insists she's not jealous, as she furiously stirs a cup of coffee in a totally not-jealous way. Furthermore, she knows Clark is so honest that he'd tell her if anything had happened. Clark swallows. I think they left a chunk up there when they were doing that Kryptonite colonoscopy earlier. He looks like he might be about to confess about the magical kissing incident, but whoever Lois has been on the phone with finally gets back to her. Someone in Missing Persons is giving her a hard time, so she hangs up the phone. Clark wonders what the missing person has to do with the missing comic. Lois pulls up video surveillance from the con and shows Clark little Alec Abrahams stealing the comic. His aunt filed a missing persons report. Lois says the cops are looking for him but Clark thinks the cops are the least of his worries. Lois digs up a box of letters the boy had been sending to the Post Office addressed to the Blur. And the Planet has them because the boy was "flagged" as a potential story for the paper. So much exposition! Clark reads one of the letters about how the boy wishes he could be a hero like the Blur so he could stop the bullies and save his parents. Clark looks sad. "He's just looking for someone to understand what he's going through." Aww, poor little snot-nosed thief.

Or maybe he's looking for a foxy lady to play video games with! "Stephen" is up in the Talon apartment with Chloe, having a great time playing some kind of... Xbox... thing. (I don't know games; sorry.) Or, rather, he's playing while Chloe sits on the couch behind him, looking puzzled. He's flailing around like a total dork. Once again, kudos to the actor. "I don't get why you didn't want to come up here," he says, "this place is awesome!" She didn't think this what he had in mind when he wanted to go upstairs with her. He stops flopping around like a trout long enough to look at her. She presses her lips together. He wonders why she keeps trying not to smile. "We're having fun, aren't we?" She doesn't seem so sure, so he tries to persuade her to get up and join the game. She's afraid she'll look ridiculous. "That's the whole point!" he tells her. "When's the last time you had any fun?" The fifth season or so? She can't remember, so she agrees to play if he agrees to answer her questions. She gets up and starts slapping at virtual balls... which isn't as dirty as it sounds. As she plays, she asks him about his powers. He goes down a list: Super speed, enhanced strength, augmented hearing... As he talks, he starts to levitate without realizing it. Chloe looks up at him. "Uh... how about flight?" He looks around and realizes he's two feet off the group. His expression is comically shocked. "Holy crap! I can fly!" Heh. He flops to the ground, landing on his butt. He grins like mad and bounces back up to his feet. He runs over to the window and holds his hand out to Chloe. She frowns at it, not quite getting the drift. "Come on," he says. She smiles and slides her hand into his. The next thing she knows, they're standing out on the fire escape. She's not smiling anymore. "What happens if I fall?" she asks. "Don't worry," he says, "I'll catch you." He adds a particularly persuasive smile and she almost imperceptibly nods. Together, they start to tip forward and then, suddenly, they're zooming up into the night sky. He flies her over the Metropolis skyline, silhouetted against the permanently full moon.

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