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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Do we have to? Really? Fine. We'll go on. Kent Farm. Inside, Clark is holding an apple and telling his parents that he can see, but that things are blurry. We confirm this by seeing things from Clark's point of view. MamaKent asks about his other abilities. X-Ray vision and heat vision are still gone. Bo suggests that the heat from the blow torch must have broken up the scar tissue. Scar tissue? He's freakin' Superman! He doesn't scar! Bo suggests that maybe Clark needs some time to heal. See previous two sentences. Clark is ready to get back to action and go find Pete. Bo says that before they do anything else, there's one stop they have to make.

Smallville Hospital. Clark is wearing wire-frame glasses. Oh, give me a very small fucking break. He can stop bullets, but he can't read the damn eye chart? MamaKent assures Clark that he looks fine. "Yeah?" he asks. Bo asks Clark about his brilliant plan to save Pete. It's basically this: go to the courthouse, wait for the robber to be released while Clark stands around trying to look inconspicuous, and see where the bad guy goes. That's so dumb it's almost smart. Sadly, it's the only plan Clark's got.

Metropolis at night. Chloe is led in to Papa Luthor's office by a very svelte-looking female assistant. Papa Luthor is on his new toy, the phone headset, pacing behind his desk. Chloe waits while Papa Luthor wheels and deals. Chloe says that she doesn't have any new information on Clark. If she did, she says, she would have emailed it and saved herself a three-hour drive. "Is that before or after you spoke to Lex?" Papa Luthor asks. Chloe doesn't know what he means. He tells her that coy evasions may work on high-school sources, but up here she's out of her league. Chloe's still confused. Papa Luthor accuses Chloe of telling Lex about their last conversation. Chloe says she's not talking to Lex, but thanks Papa Luthor for the "wildly offensive insinuation." Chloe excuses herself and says she's got a deadline. "Not anymore," Papa Luthor says. Her column for The Daily Planet has been cancelled. Papa Luthor offers to let things stand if she tells him everything she's fed to Lex. Chloe tells him she's not Lex's source. Chloe says he can kill her column, but that it's not the only thing she's working on for the paper. She says that the newspaper might be interested in a story about an eccentric billionaire with an obsessive interest in a Kansas farm boy. Snap! Scandal! Chloe gives Papa Luthor the mad eyebrows cock of the head. Papa Luthor's smile fades. He asks if she's threatening him. I am Cornholio! Are you threatening me? Suddenly, Chloe doesn't look too confident. "Be careful, Miss Sullivan," Papa Luthor says. "Very careful." Chloe says she'll be whatever she wants; she doesn't work for him anymore. Yeah. Good snappy dialogue thing there, Chloe. Chloe makes a quick exit from the office and stands in the hallway for a second, considering what a dumb thing she just did.

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