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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Commercials. Now, I'm not a big WB-show watcher, but as near as I can tell, Charmed is about witchcraft and Alyssa Milano's boobies. I may need to tune in.

The Talon. Pete is telling his harrowing story to some guy and two honeys. One of the honeys has a hand on him. They all seem to be wearing track sweats. "Oh my God. That's the bravest things I've ever heard!" says the Fly Honey next to him. No, true bravery is being blind for a whole day. Pete goes on to say that if hadn't done something fast, he'd have been Spam in a can. Nice. The other honey tells Pete she's glad he's fine now, and kisses him on the cheek. The other guy standing with them mumbles, "Hey, I killed a spider this morning. It was a big one." But the girls don't stick around. Clark has been listening. "I have a feeling I'll be hearing this story for a long time," he says. Pete says, "Busted." He says that chicks dig a hero, and that he hopes Clark doesn't mind the truth-bending. "Pete, look who you're talking to: the master truth-bender." Exactly! Why doesn't anyone ever acknowledge that Clark is the biggest fattest liar on this or any show? Clark says it's the least he can do for Pete. He takes off his glasses, rubs his eyes, and puts them back on. Clark says that his eyes are adjusting, and that he may need a new prescription. Chloe walks up to them, looking shaken. She doesn't notice Clark's specs. Pete says he's ready for his big Torch interview. Chloe says she has to reschedule. She tells Clark she's glad he's feeling better, and then turns to walk off. Pete asks her what's wrong. Almost crying, she says she lost her column at The Daily Planet. When Pete asks why, she doesn't really say. Also? Her dad got fired from LuthorCorp that morning. Clark says it doesn't make any sense. Chloe says that Lex was the one who fired him.

Lair of Lex. Lex, in a stretchy black fabric, greets Clark, who's been waiting for him. Lex wants to talk about Clark's miraculous recovery. Clark gets straight to the point about Mr. Sullivan's firing. Lex says that the job performance of Chloe's dad was seriously lacking. Clark counters that the guy worked for the company for years. He says this could ruin Chloe's family. Lex spins and says Papa Luthor thinks Chloe's dad was the one spreading the rumors about him. Lex says he assumed that Chloe overheard the gossip and passed it on to Clark. Clark says it isn't right. Lex says it's not about that; he says it's about positioning. Oh, how I've longed to hear the word "positioning" in a conversation between Clark and Lex. Lex says that Papa Luthor won a battle today. "And Chloe's father is a casualty!" Clark whines. It's even more annoying with the glasses. Lex says that the war's just starting, and that he has the greatest advantage: his dad thinks he's weak. Lex tells Clark that he should be relieved. He was able to keep Clark's name out of this whole fooferaw. Well, damn. He's got a point there, Clark.

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