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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Cows! Glorious cows! Inside the Kent barn, Clark takes off his glasses and squints. Welcome to the first twenty-five years of my life, Clark. He puts his glasses back on as he looks in the mirror. Lana suddenly appears behind him. God. Jeez. Are the last five pages of every script always pink and marked, "Reserved for Lana scene?" Lana says that Clark looks like he's back to normal. He puts his glasses away and says he's glad she's there. He wanted to talk. Lana says she wanted to talk, too. Great. Get to it. Clark says that he was out of line, feeling vulnerable, whatever. Lana stops him and says that the reason she pulled away is that she met someone at the hospital. "Oh," Clark says. Ow. She says she's not sure how she feels about him. What does it mean when you get all hot and moist and every fiber of your being wants to climb him and lick whatever your hands find? That must mean something, right, Clark? Clark says that the fact Lana's telling him about this guy means she already knows. "Maybe you're right," Lana says. She tells Clark that if they're going to be friends, she didn't want him to find out from someone else. Clark agrees. Lana excuses herself to go back to the Talon. "Hey, Lana," Clark tells her as she's going, "Thanks...for being honest." Something Clark will never be capable of. She shrugs. "Well, it's the only way our relationship can last, right?" she asks. Music starts to play about hearts and souls and crap. I let my finger wander achingly close to the Mute button. Lana takes off. We watch her leave all the way down the stairs. Good thing there's nothing else on this show that needs tying up or resolution. We stay on Lana outside as she gets into her SUV and drives off. Clark watches from the loft. Zoom in on his ear as he hears Lana sobbing in her car. Yeah, Lana, real nice. You've got a new man and you're still crying. Meanwhile, Chloe's got a gun to her head somewhere and nobody seems to care. You people are all a bunch of dickweeds. Seriously.

Next week...after this, who gives a shit? It looks like Lana is going to carry out literally what the script writers have been doing metaphorically from the start: kicking the shit out of Chloe.

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