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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Chloe is telling someone on the phone that her researching Clark days are over. We see her coming down stairs in the high school hallway. "Really? I have such a vivid memory of that young reporter just eager to work for The Daily Planet." It's Papa Luthor! We cut to him at a desk, wearing a tie and working at a keyboard. He's got a headset on and I finally figure out how he amassed this huge fortune: he's been selling Time/Life books on the side! Chloe, on her cell phone, is trying to weasel out of her arrangement. She says she gave Papa Luthor all the info she had. Papa tells her she has to look at Clark Kent as a work in progress. Like an apartment on Queer Eye before Thom gets done with it. Papa Luthor asks if Clark's sudden blindness doesn't pique Chloe's journalistic curiosity. He says it's especially curious, since everyone else at the robbery suffered only hearing injuries. Chloe says she's done snooping, and that's all there is to it. Papa Luthor asks if Chloe is going to go running back to Lex. "Or what's left of him?" Chloe asks. Damn. Ouch. Papa Luthor looks pissed. He says that Lex has a serious mental illness, "a crack in his foundation." Is that why he's always looking to borrow some caulk from Clark? Papa Luthor says that Lex's foundation can't take any pressure, so they'll let him sit in his office and sharpen pencils. Why the hell is he telling Chloe all of this? Papa Luthor tells Chloe he expects a full Kent report by...whups, he gets cut off by the school bell. Clark is in serious pain from that. Pete asks what's wrong. Clark tells him that he has to get out of there, right away. Pete does the Secret Service routine and leads Clark out. As they go, they get the stink-eye from Young Bobby Briggs, who's standing in the hallway.

Kent Barn. Bo Duke and MamaKent are helping Clark upstairs. Is it really wise to have Blind-Ass Clark way up in that loft with all those spaces he could fall through? They're asking what happened. Clark says it's like somebody turned up a stereo full-blast. Clark's still sporting his silly sunglasses. Clark says that the sounds just went away right after the school-hallway incident: it was completely random. Bo says that with Clark's other powers, it's not really clear how he's supposed to develop. Bo says it may have been a one-time thing. Like the night Bo strayed from cows to goats one awful, drunken time. MamaKent suggests that Clark's body may be compensating for his loss of vision. Clark says that the sounds were loud, and that he couldn't tell where they were coming from. He brings up Chloe and Papa Luthor. Clark drops the bombshell just as Lex walks up. "Hey," says Lex. Come on. He had to have heard that. MamaKent and Bo greet Lex. There's even handshaking, which used to be strictly taboo for Bo Duke. MamaKent excuses herself to fill out school paperwork. Bo goes with her. They can barely imagine what filthy things go on in this barn and they want nothing to do with it.

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