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The Blind Leading The Blahna

"Clark, I don't know what to say," says Lex, after the Kents are gone. How about, "Let's play Blind Man's Bluff in the nude"? "How about 'Hello'?" Clark suggests. Yes, Lex, "Hello?" Is it Clark you're looking for? Clark says that behind the Ray Bans (he can afford Ray Bans?), he's still the same old sexually ambiguous, pouty-lipped, hay-baling, ripped farmboy. Lex says that when his father went (cough bullshit cough) blind, Lex made contact with some of the world's best ophthalmologists. None of whom could detect that Papa Luthor was faking, huh? Yeah, they sound great. Clark, stupidly, says, "Well, I appreciate that, Lex, but this isn't a problem to be solved. This is something I need to learn to live with." That is the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard in my life. Clark wants to be blind? He's not willing to get help from a specialist even though he's already been to a Bumblefuck, Kansas, general practitioner? I wish someone would slap those Ray Bans right off his idiot face. Lex smiles a bit, like, "You poor, dumb bastard." Clark says he doesn't want to talk about his condition. He's ready to talk condom textures instead of colors. Clark says he can hear the concern about his new condition in people's voices. Lex says he knows the feeling. He says there's an almost medieval prejudice against survivors of mental illness. Oh, come on, that's crazy! Whups, I mean...have you gone mental? Er. Want to try some salted nuts? Dammit, this isn't going well. Lex says he has to put it behind him by proving his worth. "How are you going to do that?" Clark purrs. Oh, baby. Lex says he's going to return to his old job back at LuthorCorp. Clark asks if Lex thinks that job offer is "for real." "Why, Clark?" Lex asks. He asks if Clark knows something he doesn't. Tactlessly, Clark says he heard that the job offer is a sham. Papa Luthor doesn't really think Lex is better. Lex looks surprised and hurt. Clark even quotes the "sharpening pencils" bit. Lex asks where Clark heard this. Clark won't say. But he advises Lex to be careful. Wear a raincoat.

Kent kitchen. As Bo pours himself a little piece of coffee heaven, MamaKent tells him she was thinking that -- WHOA! Big MamaKent lips in super-duper close-up! So it's going to be my second Rocky Horror Picture Show shout-out in two weeks? She says that maybe they should look at hiring some more help as Clark's inner cochleal hammer bone zooms into the conversation. Clark does his brooding sunglasses bit in the barn as Bo tells MamaKent that they're barely making ends meet right now. MamaKent is worried that Bo is working himself too hard. Bo, learning against the counter, says he just needs to catch his breath. MamaKent is filling out a "Board of Education disability application." Hasn't all this happened within, like, five hours? Bo says that the counselor told them Clark could still take his regular classes. "Until when?" MamaKent asks. MamaKent says that Clark's life has changed, as has Bo's, but neither one of them will admit it. Wait, I thought Clark was totally resigned to life as a blind man. Is it just me or do the dots of this episode just not connect? Well, it's just an excuse for MamaKent to say, "You both think you're supermen who can do everything alone, but you can't anymore!" I think Bo is tired because there's a massive cheese leak coming from somewhere on the farm. MamaKent throws down her pencil and says that Bo and Clark both need to start relying on people. Damn, woman! Point taken!

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