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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Tinkly piano music as we transition from the barn to Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is looking at some sort of very colorful document with letterhead from The Talon. Lana strides right in. Security! She tells Lex that she got a letter from an insurance carrier saying that all of her medical expenses had already been taken care of. Lex says that it wasn't Lana's fault. The stompy horse thing, that is -- not everything else wrong with the show. Lex says he pushed her into the stall and spooked the horse. So it's Lex and not the horse I should be sending decorative sugar cubes to? Lana says Lex was -- "Crazy?" he asks. She says he wasn't himself. Lana says that as much as she appreciates "the grand gestures," she would have settled for Lex's stopping by and saying hello. Lana is acting like the loneliest person on the planet. You know, The Talon isn't exactly Solaris. Lex smiles and says that the grand gestures have always come easier. Lex says he was a little busy (he was freakin' institutionalized, Lana! What do you want?) but he's sure Clark took up the Lavishing Lana with Undue Attention slack. Lana says that Clark hasn't been around. She says that the best way to stop hurting each other, they decided, was to stop seeing each other altogether. Yes, all together now: "YOU BROKE UP!" Why, oh why, are we still getting huge chunks of Lana every week? She should be off the show, at least for a few weeks! Lex says that given Clark's "new reality," Clark could use her help. Lex compares Clark to his father when he was blind (er, faking), but Lana says she tried to reach out and got brutally rebuffed. As Lana is leaving, Lex asks, "By the way, who's Adam?" Lex noticed that the Talon bill had some gift baskets sent to the guy. Exactly how many gift baskets did Lana send? Lex may have been the one inside, but I think Lana is the crazy, nutty, obsessive one. Lana says she's going to reimburse the shop. She awkwardly says that Poor Man's Wes Bentley is a friend she made in therapy. A friend she sent multiple gift baskets to. Lex says that the guy must have made quite an impression. "Yeah, he did," Lana says. She tells Lex not to be a stranger, and takes off. Lex goes back to examining every detail of the Talon bill while Lana goes off to boil a bunny in PM'sWB's kitchen.

Cloudy day at the Kent farm. Chloe's little red convertible VW bug pulls up to the barn. Clark, inside, hears the car approach. Chloe comes to Clark and puts a hand on his arm. She says she likes to avoid clichés, but if there's anything she can do.... Clark --bravely, I might add -- says, "I'll manage!" He adds, "You didn't come all the way out here to check out the blind guy." I can't even put into words how lame and offensive all of this is. Chloe asks if Clark has seen Pete. "Sorry," Chloe says when she realizes her gaffe. She says that they were supposed to meet that morning and double team on her Daily Planet column. "The column [Papa] Luthor helped you land?" Clark says, bitterly. As if he's on All My Children, Clark says, "I may have lost my sight, but things are becoming much clearer now." He asks how long Chloe and Papa Luthor have been investigating him. Chloe, stricken, says it's been happening since last spring, the day after Lex's wedding. "When you saw me and Lana together," Clark says, "is that why you did this?" Chloe says nothing. "Your silence is deafening!" Clark tells her. Oh. Man. This scene is soooo bad. It's like they tore up dialogue from a bad mystery novel and sewed it into the script. Clark asks what Chloe told Papa Luthor. She says it was nothing he didn't already know. Clark asks what Papa Luthor is sharing with her. Chloe says that, believe it or not, she was trying to help Clark. "Oh, by spying on me?" Chloe says she was trying to figure out why Papa Luthor was so intrigued by Clark. Two words: cheek bones. Clark accuses Chloe of happily taking new computers for The Torch and using him to make a name for herself at a big paper. "For all the times you accused me of keeping secrets, how could you do this to me?" Clark demands. I think it's kind of a two-way street, buddy. Chloe, near tears, says that Papa Luthor caught her at an especially bad time. She caved. She says she's tried to get out of it ever since, but people like Papa Luthor don't let people like her go. She says she thought Clark, of all people, would understand making a stupid decision in a moment of weakness. Clark doesn't understand, unless it's Lana who made the mistake. Chloe, upset, leaves the barn. Clark listens to the engine as she goes. Note, however, that he doesn't pay attention to whether she's crying as she leaves.

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