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The Blind Leading The Blahna

Downtown Smallville. Clark and Bo Duke are in the truck hunting for Pete. Bo stops at the Talon and says he's stopping there to get an update. An update on the flavor of muffins available today? It turns out it was a ploy. Lana gets in the driver's side instead. "Your dad told me you were out here," she says. Could Clark's parents be any more annoying? Do they really want him marrying his high-school sweetheart? Just because they did? This family gets more dysfunctional by the minute. "Lana," Clark says, the way you'd say "socks" when you open up a gift of them at Christmas. Lana wonders if Clark wants some company. Clark, like us, doesn't seem to want her around. She starts to leave the truck. He asks her to stay. You fool! He apologizes for that morning. Lana forgives him before he even apologizes. He says he's been pushing people away lately, and that he misses having Lana in his life. Noooo! My eyes! They burn! Clark says he understands why Lana doesn't want him around. She stutters that she was scared and hurt. She says she overreacted. No you didn't! Go! Now! Take your pink shit with you! Clark says that the way he's been treating Lana, he's surprised she didn't bolt sooner. Where's she gonna go? One Tree Hill? Lana says that Clark had his reasons for pulling away. "Maybe those reasons are gone," he says. Most codependent relationship ever. Lana asks what Clark means. He says that his life is different now, and that he doesn't want to be alone. You're so alone, Clark, with your family and friends and villains every week. Clark takes Lana's hand on the car seat. She pulls it away. Lana licks her upper lip and says she has to go. Time for a botox refill. Before she gets out, Clark asks about a sound approaching. It's the clankety clank truck. "What. The tow truck?" Lana asks. Clark manages to get out of the car and walk down the street. He tells Lana it's the same sound he heard when Pete was taken. Clark commands Lana to go get his dad. Clark walks blindly toward the passing tow truck. He climbs on the back of it. Oh. My God. Clark thinks he's Marty McFly!

The Adventures of Clanky Truck and Blind Dopey Stowaway! The truck gets to the hideout, and somehow Clark knows to jump off the back of the tow truck before it stops. Quick shot of Pete, duct-taped about the mouth, inside. Young Bobby Briggs gets out of the car and into the hideout. Pete manages to free his mouth from the tape. That's not gonna buy you any more lines, my friend. Clark feels his way along the outside garage. He hears Pete yelling. Clark yells back. Bobby Briggs, inside, only hears Pete. He tells him to shut up and cracks him across the mouth with the back of his hand. Clark opens the door and comes in calling for Pete. This scene is awful about showing us where people are in relation to each other. Clark feels his way, but, oh no! Young Bobby Briggs is behind him, and he's holding a torch! Clark loses his sunglasses and gets a torch across the eyeballs. Clark yells. Even though he's Superman. Whatever. Young Bobby Briggs doesn't notice that his torch isn't really causing any skin melting or hair singeing. Clark moans and holds his un-super eyes. Young Bobby Briggs grabs Pete and takes off. Clark yells for Pete. He looks around and can now see, although it's in mosquito-vision. Commercials!

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