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All-American Reject

Elsewhere at the ball, Lois is wearing an extremely low-cut Maid Marian costume as she walks in with Robin Hood. He's staring straight at her tits as they walk. Lois asks if this is part of Oliver's sizing her up. I have no idea what she's talking about. Neither does he, it seems. He says that he made a miscalculation. She makes a crack about his legwear for the evening. He says that she has a quick tongue, and that he finds that very attractive. Yeah, nobody likes a slow, drooly, lethargic tongue. Lois tells him to keep it in his quiver, "jolly green bandit." She asks if Oliver's fortune is of the do-it-yourself, steal-from-the-rich variety, or handed to him on a silver platter like their host's. He says that it belonged to his parents, and that he inherited it when they died. Lois gulps.

Trying to change the subject, Lois tells Oliver that he's pulling off the tights. "You should see him in a tutu," Lex says, standing nearby with Lana. Lana doesn't bother to say hi to Lois. "Lex Luthor. With a girl he doesn't have to inflate," Oliver snarks. Really, Oliver, I expected a better line from you than that. There's so much you could have said, and you go for the blow-up doll joke? For shame, Oliver. For shame. Lex scoffs, and introduces Lana, telling her that he and Oliver went to boarding school together. "Talk to any of the old gang lately?" Oliver asks. Lex's mouth twitches. He just says, "Enjoy the party," and leads Lana away. "I always do," Oliver says. As she and Lex walk off, Lana has to say the line, "If that's your friend, I'd hate to see your enemy." See? Just bad dialogue this week. Did Lex ever say that was his friend? Oliver stares at Lex as he walks off. that longing? Unrequited boyhood love? Aw, we'll take what we can get. It's the Gayest Look of the Episode. The tights and Lex's skirt help.

Lois notices MamaKent nearby, and rushes over to introduce Oliver. MamaKent, with curly hair, looks great, but surprised. She shakes his hand and says it's great to meet him. "The pleasure's all mine," he tells her, throwing out more useless dialogue. He says that he's been hearing about MamaKent's policy points. It would be too much for us to hear what some of them are, but they must be Really Good For The Kids and the World At Large. He offers to get together with her to see how he can help her. MamaKent is surprised and pleased. Oliver says that she can thank Lois, who can be very persuasive. We haven't really seen Lois do anything tonight but show some cleavage and make fun of Oliver's tights. I wonder where this persuasion is coming from. MamaKent gives Lois an inquisitive look. Lois bounces and smiles.

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