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All-American Reject

MamaKent comes down the stairs, thinking she heard someone at the door. Lois says that MamaKent's pledge arrived. "Where's the man who came with it?" MamaKent asks. "The courier?" Lois asks. She says that she gave him a tip and sent him on his merry little way. MamaKent runs toward the door, looks out, and then turns back, looking pissed. "Handsome?" she asks. "Chiseled features with a smile that could light up a barn?" Why, madam, you flatter me, but...oh. She's talking about Oliver. Lois asks if MamaKent has a crush on the courier. I do, but only the font. MamaKent asks if Lois means the billionaire CEO who stopped by to talk about his financial support for her platform. MamaKent says that she's never even met him, angrily adding, "And now I probably never will." Listen, I'm no fan of Lois, but MamaKent should have told her that she was expecting some billionaire to drop by if she was concerned about making a good impression. Have some muffins baking too, while you're at it. Play some ambient music. As it stands, though, this is the biggest mistake Lois has made all week if you don't count going on Howard Stern. "That was Oliver Queen," Lois says to herself after MamaKent stomps off. "Hmm," Lois hums. She is, as they say, "hot to trot."

A police car is in the woods. A bunch of people in orange vests are combing the woods, though wisely without actual combs. Apparently, the search party is just allowing Clark and Chloe to wander around freely, because they're doing just that. Chloe explains to Clark that there's already a search party, and that the dogs will be there soon. Clark asks where Chloe found the body. She says that it was about a quarter mile up the road. Clark zips off without Chloe. Thanks! Can I get you something for that? "Guess I'll meet you there," she mutters.

Clark reaches a spot cordoned off with police tape. Behind Clark, a woman in ranger khakis greets him. She's extremely cute, with her brown hair and girl-next-door looks. We'd have seen a lot more of her if Aquaman had been picked up. "You're not supposed to be here!" she calls out. Did she not notice a dude in a bright red jacket suddenly superzip into this open clearing? Clark lies that he's with the search party. "Clark Kent," he says. "Gloria, Park Services," she says. That's the worst last name I've ever heard. She asks if they found anything yet. Clark, googly-eyed, says no: "Have you?" She says that it's a big forest. Lots of green. Clark says that Gloria must feel isolated out here, working alone with no one around for miles, and with a last name like "Park Services." Oh, Gloria gets plenty of company on makeout nights. She says that she loves the peace, and asks if they've met before. "I think I'd remember," Clark tells her, flashing his big, goofy smile. She smiles back. Oh, just kiss already, Clark. Just pretend she's a boy. Clark asks whether Gloria's searched the area already. She says that she has, several times. "One more search wouldn't hurt," Clark says. He skims the area with his x-ray vision. Clark spots some dude's skeleton lying horizontally and announces, "I found him! Go get help!" He finds the missing teen badly hidden under tree branches.

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