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Back at the house of pipes and smoke, Clark spots a set of rusty pipes overhead. Clark's eyes light up, literally, and he ejaculates a beam of pure energy at the metalwork. The heavy pipes brain one of the thugs. Sammy looks scared. Clark superzips around the other minor thug and bends a pipe around him. Wouldn't Clark feel sick just being in these guys' proximity? Can't they break the pipe if they have Clark's strength? Whatever, dude. This sucks. Clark slams the pipe-trapped thug the requisite thirty feet. Sammy now looks really scared. He throws away his pipe. He picks up an awkward-looking piece of concrete. He tries to slam it on Clark. Clark's hard-headed, so it just breaks in CGI pieces as we watch from floor level. Clark grabs Sammy by the shirt -- again ignoring the fact that Sammy is supposed to be as strong as Clark -- and throws him against a set of pipes on a far wall. No muss, no fuss. Clark looks damned proud. Even if he has some schmutz on his forehead.

Refined Kryptonite bars. Pete is burying them under some dirt outdoors. That'll hold them! Clark waits as Pete buries. A scary-looking uprooted tree trunk is near it. So this is how those tree creatures from The Two Towers were born.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is that Crystal Light? Clark walks in. Right past Security for the hundredth time. Lex asks about Clark's parents. Clark says they're back from Metropolis. The camera swings around Lex and Clark quite a lot as Lex shares his lemonade. How sweet. And, uh, tart. Clark asks about the foiled heist. Lex says it's interesting, because none of his people had anything to do with catching the bad guys. "Then who did?" Clark asks. Lex says the thugs aren't talking. Clark asks who has the meteor rocks. "I have my suspicions," Lex says. Lex looks away and gives a tiny smile.

Talon. Lana's sitting, drinking coffee. Her dad comes in. Apparently, this was a prearranged meeting. He asks about the horse show. Lana says she's not sure if she's riding. You see, when a problem comes along, she can't whip it. In fact, the world just has to stop. Lana says she was excited, but that now she thinks it's more important that Henry spend time with his wife. Why, you passive-aggressive little skunk. Henry is all, "Uh, what?" Lana says she came out of nowhere and dropped a bomb on his life. And that after a rocky start, she finally knows Henry loves her. She starts to cry a little and says she doesn't want to lose that. Henry says he doesn't know what Lana heard, but that things aren't that bad with his wife. Lana drops another bomb. She says Jennifer's hiring an attorney. "What?" Henry says, stunned. Lana tells Henry to talk to his wife. "Whatever happens after that is up to you," Lana says. How generous. Henry is shaken. He says he can't walk away from his daughter. Lana says he's not, and that she'll always be there. In the Talon. Working ninety-hour weeks. She says that Jennifer needs him more right now. Even if life is totally about The Lana. Henry gets up and goes. Lana cries. Pathetically.

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