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Hell Hath No Lana...

Lana's secret computer lair. Lana walks in to see her screens are all full of static. Chloe walks in behind her. Lana says Lex must have cut her off. "It wasn't Lex," Chloe says. Lana thinks she has a right to protect herself after all that Lex has done. Chloe says she'd have liked to know about this operation. Lana apologizes for lying. She says she didn't think Chloe would understand. When has Chloe been too dumb to understand something like this? Chloe says the whole picture is in crystal-clear HD now. Chloe throws down a mythology lesson. She says it made sense that Lana was helping people. Isis is the goddess of love and life and healing. She marched to the ends of the earth to help "Jump-start" the man she loved. Chloe says she wants Clark to have that kind of loyalty in life, but she's not sure it should be from Lana. Lana says she'd do anything for Clark. "Even kill," Chloe says, with a scoff. "Lucky guy." Lana looks away. Chloe says that Isis is also the goddess of the underworld and was responsible for bringing down the god Ra to his knees. Lana asks if Chloe thinks she'd do that to Clark. "Not intentionally," Chloe says. But she thinks Lana's capable of it now. Chloe promises she'd not going to let that happen. She walks away, leaving Lana to stew in her own pink juices.

The lab. Lex is asking his scientist if they can trace where the black goo went. The scientist doesn't have a clue. Lex says that unless they want a front-row seat to the apocalypse, they should probably find it. Lex hands over the broken canister. The scientist's lovely lady friend pulls by a rolling cart. She picks up a container and we see the black goo on the table. It goes spiky and moves to her hand. She doesn't move her hand away even though she seems to see it. Her eyes go black. Freaky!

The Barnness of Lanatude. Lana is standing in the loft, near the big window. Clark tells her he went to see Lex. He says Lex won't be pressing charges. He says that because of Lana, now they know Lex is still tracking Kryptonians. She says it's one good thing that came out of the mess she made. Kicking Lois wasn't bad, either. Soft music plays. Lana wishes Clark wouldn't look at her like he hasn't seen her before. Clark says he's trying to find part of her he recognizes. Lana blames it on the powers. Clark says that even before that, she kidnapped Papa Luthor. Lana doesn't deny it. She says he threatened to kill Clark. She was trying to save his life. Clark asks if that justifies everything. Lana says she'll go to extremes to protect the people she loves. "You sound like Lex," Clark says. "I sound like you," Lana says. She asks if Clark hasn't crossed a moral line before to save someone. Like every week! Clark says the last few weeks have been so great, he didn't want to look below Lana's surface. Lana apologizes for not telling Clark about Isis. Clark takes the blame for not trusting Lana years ago. Now Lana can't trust him. Lana asks if they can find their way back from this. "Will we?" Clark asks. Clark says he can accept Lana changing, he just needs to take responsibility for having caused it. Lana tells him not to do that. Lana doesn't want him to take all the blame so it doesn't taint the image Clark created of her. Lana says she has to live with the decisions she's made. She just needs to know Clark loves her. Clark just stares. "No matter what," she says. Clark doesn't say it. We go to black with sad vocals.

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