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Hell Hath No Lana...

Commercials. Nike is still making basketball shoes. That must be a very lucrative business for them.

Streets of Metropolis. Chloe and Clark have broken in to the Isis Foundation, which is easy because the front door isn't even locked. Clark asks how long Lana has been doing this, as if it's a crack house. Chloe says it started a few months ago. "Months!?" Clark asks. As they walk through the offices, Chloe says that Lana was trying to help those victimized by LuthorCorp experiments. She thought Clark would stop her and would think it was too dangerous. He does. They go in to Lana's office. Chloe wonders if Lana wanted to just do things her own way. Clark squints (and maybe silently farts), using X-ray vision on a bookshelf. He sees something there. Clark slides open the shelves and reveals Lana's secret computer lair. It wasn't locked either. Chloe says the other explanation is that Lana is secretly spying on Lex and doesn't want them to know how totally depraved she is. The room glows blue. Clark hopes Chloe didn't know anything about this. She didn't. She calls Lana a "La Femme Nikita" lurking behind their little Florence Nightingale. Wanna throw in a third reference, just for the sake of a hat trick? Clark scopes around slowly. Chloe, looking at the computer screens, says she doesn't see anything about "Scion." But she does find something called "Lex's Mobile." From his crib? Chloe asks if Lana is bugging Lex. She's bugging me. All the time. Am I bugging you? Don't mean to bug ya. Clark asks if Chloe can rewind it. It's an audio track. Chloe does and they hear Lana's auto attack on Lex. We hear the rest of what happened. She's asking Lex where Scion is. "Pier 34," he says.

Pier 34. It's scary and industrial-looking. Lana tosses Lex across the lab. We see a screen flashing Kryptonian symbols. She warns him that if she loses any more patience, he won't be around to see it. Lex, bloodied, looks up at her. He claims he has nothing to hide. He gives her the password, even: 51805. That was the date of the last meteor shower, Lana says. She gets on the computer, suddenly hackerrific. She sees a diagram of a ship on the wall screen. "You're tracking aliens?" she asks. Yeah, that was sort of your thing, as a couple. You don't remember. Lana says Lex told her he'd stopped looking into this stuff. Yeah, then you got divorced. She thinks more people will die if Lex doesn't stop. Lex, really banged up, says there's a reason for everything that's happened including his "Miraculous rescue from the river," the spacecraft, the creatures who landed with the meteors. He says it's not a coincidence. Lana thinks his hunger for power landed him in the middle of it all. Lex thinks there's a reason she came to him and not Clark: she trusted Lex. Lana says that's all over. Lex asks why Lana's stalking him, tracking his every move. "Because the world should know what a liar you are!" she barks. She promises to expose Lex until it kills her. She won't let him hurt anyone else. Lex says he hasn't. He says he's trying to save people. Lex says they started this together and that the creatures from space were only the first. He thinks Project Scion might be their only hope. Lana asks if he's appointing himself prophet of the alien invasion. Pretty much. You still get a crappy car audio system with the job, though. Lex compares himself to Saint Paul, struck by lightning on the way to Damascus before he found his higher calling.

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