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MamaKent and X-Ray Boy enter the musty store. MamaKent calls out, "Hello!" and they are greeted by Shapeshifta' Girl transformed into her mother's body. "Hello, Mrs. Kent...I mean, 'Martha'!" she greets. Oops. MamaKent asks how business is doing. Shapeshifta' Mom says she's had so many sales in Metropolis that she's thinking of closing up the old antique shop. "You love this store!" MamaKent says. "Not really. I never wanted this life," Shapeshifta' says, and I giggle. X-Ray Boy asks about Shapeshifta' Girl. Shapeshifta' Mom says she's with Lana, and they're inseparable. X-Ray Boy says that he just saw her. "You must be seeing things," Shapeshifta' Mom says curtly. X-Ray Boy gets pouty, saying he's going to get some air. MamaKent asks about a lamp she had waiting. Shapeshifta' Mom doesn't know what she's talking about at first, but then plays it off. As Shapeshifta' goes out back to look for the lamp, MamaKent wanders around. She finds the broken mirror and, looking into it, spots something on the floor. A wad of cash! As the tinkly Murder, She Wrote music plays, MamaKent picks up the stack of bills. Just then Shapeshifta' comes out and plays it off again -- this time saying that a client paid her in cash. A lot of cash. Shapeshifta' tells MamaKent to come back in a week. As MamaKent leaves, Shapeshifta' slips a hand inside her purse and takes her car keys. After the Kent Woman is gone, Shapeshifta' locks the door, turns the "Open" sign to "Closed," and shifts back into Shapeshifta' Girl mode. Much bone crunching is involved. She fingers the car keys and smiles wickedly.

Outside, MamaKent is staring at a newspaper machine holding the diabolically libelous headline about Lex. She frowns, her lips doing that crazy pursing thing again. She looks up and sees her own truck hop the sidewalk and head for her. Clark is driving and he's got a mad, wicked Shapeshifty look in his eye! MamaKent dodges, successfully. The truck keeps rolling, knocking over stuff, and then makes a left and zooms out of the shot. The real X-Ray Boy runs up to his mom and asks whether she's okay. They hug. Dramatic music takes us to commercial.

Kitchen of the Kents. Discussion about the shanghaied truck, which was found out in a field. MamaKent reveals that Shapeshifta' Mom was acting strange, and that the stack of bills she found had a bank band around it. Bo Duke injects his wisdom by asking whether they really think Shapeshifta' Mom took her keys, turned into Clark, and drove the truck at her. MamaKent admits it's crazy. Clark gets up abruptly, because he's been exposed to the Wall of Weird and knows that anything is possible. Even crazy superpowers. X-Ray Boy reveals that he saw Shapeshifta's skeleton, and that it had bits of green in it and didn't look human. MamaKent has a ready explanation: the girl has a soft bone disease. How does that explain her hair and clothes shapeshifting? There is talk of experimental drugs and how she got better right after the Smallville meteor storm. X-Ray Boy says he wishes he could control his freaky vision. The parentals urge him to practice. Bo Duke, in fact, comes around and says that Clark can start small just as he's pulling something out of his pocket. I don't like where this is going one bit. Bo asks X-Ray Boy to tell him what he has in his closed hand. Clark guesses a pocket knife. Brilliant! Except that Clark knows his dad always carries it around in that pocket. Cheesy, near-Gayle smile from X-Ray Boy ends the pivotal kitchen scene.

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