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Lana's garage of angst. She blows dust off a box that contains her mom's belongings, including pompons and an old diary. Sad music plays. Lana's about to cry and smear all her eye makeup, staining the floor of the garage forever. The next bit shows Lana coming into the kitchen, where Nasty Nell is standing around minding her own business. Lana storms in; when Nell asks her what's wrong, Lana tells Nell, "You lied to me about my mother!" Nell looks shocked. Will Nell ever have a personality or non-Lana related line on this show?

The Lexmobile. Some guy is leaning against Lex Luthor's sweet silver ride. When Lex approaches the car carrying a foamy, hot coffee drink, he finds the guy standing there, next to his car, by the curb. It's Roger Nixon, a Metropolis reporter. Nice. They made the nasty reporter a Nixon. He compliments Lex on the front-page photo. "I've read comic books with less fiction than your rag," Lex tells him. Nice dig. In case you're wondering, the guy works for the Metropolis Inquisitor, not the Daily Planet. Nixon -- an older guy with a flinty look -- whips out a folder he says is Lex's juvenile record. Lex says that those records are supposed to be sealed. "I'm a resourceful guy," Nixon says, adding that the robbery made him ponder a story about Lex's wild youth. "Does Club Zero ring a bell?" he asks. Let your imagination run wild on that one. He manages to perturb Lex enough to provoke an angry reaction. Lex threatens to sue. "Lawsuits take years," Nixon says. Lex regains his composure. He says that if Nixon wanted to print that story, he already would have. "I think you're looking for a payoff," Lex says. Nixon tells Lex that $100,000 will buy his silence. "I'd question your integrity, but you're a journalist," Lex tells the guy. Hey! Take that back, Lex! You're breaking my little heart. Nixon gives Lex a business card and tells him he has twenty-four hours. Lex turns on the ignition to his car. Because he's about to drive, it's mandated that crappy rock music has to play. Lex takes the business card and drives off.

Lana's house. Lana comes home after dark; Nell is waiting for her on the porch. She tells Lana her mother would have been proud of her, which she says is the truth. Lana yammers that her mom wasn't perfect, and that she didn't want to be a cheerleader or stay in Smallville, according to the found diary. Basically, the diary reveals that Lana's mother went through all the same things Lana's been going through. Nell tells Lana that she told her what she could handle. Nell also says, quite reasonably, that the diary is just a snapshot of a seventeen-year-old at that moment in time. Nell says that Lana's mom gave the commencement speech at her high-school graduation and that the line she remembers from it is, "I never made a difference here. But maybe my children can." What a dark, pessimistic, crap thought. Lana goes inside the house.

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