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Hero to Zero

Lex is swinging, but not in a way we'd like to see. He's still tied up to the ceiling. Contractor Guy shoots a chain, and Lex falls to the floor. "I know you," Lex says, correctly identifying the contractor who will now never get a competitive bid in for any Lex home renovation projects. Contractor Guy says that's his day job. He kicks Lex hard in the chest. Contractor Guy says he was Liv Lite's jailbird brother, and that she was his only lifeline in jail. This would all be a lot better if we'd known even a single thing about Liv going into this. Lex asks what Contractor Guy wants. He punches Lex in the stomach and repeats the question a few times. He says he wants revenge for his sister. Lex asks where she is. Contractor Guy says, "She's dead, Lex. She committed suicide a year ago." Again, we don't know enough about Liv to give a damn, really. Contractor Guy says that Lex didn't know because he cut her out of his life. Contractor Guy says she was never the same after Club Zero. He tells Lex that when the love of her life died, she had nothing to live for. Lex asks about Parker Lewis. Okay, are you ready for some lameness? Contractor Guy says that a few weeks after Liv Lite's funeral, he spotted a guy who looked just like Parker Lewis as a fry cook in a greasy spoon. He says that everyone has a double in the world. So how did you get him to wield a gun and look all evil and all that? This explanation? Suck-o, folks. He says the guy needed the money, and since Lex ruined Liv's life, he'd ruin Lex's. So why did he kill the guy, then? This makes no damned sense. I'm sorry, Lex. Your Club Zero episode deserves much better. Lex finally gives in. He decides to tell Contractor Guy the truth.

Flashback. Lex gets stabbed again. (It always hurts worst the third time.) Kasitch pulls out a gun. He gets knocked over. A gunshot goes off. Parker Lewis falls. Lex turns. It's Liv Lite holding the gun, her mouth in a huge "O." Strobe light. Liv starts to get a crazy Joker smile. Then she cries. She drops the gun. It lands in loud slow motion.

"No! You're twisting it again!" Contractor Guy yells. "That's what happened!" Lex yells back from the floor. Lex says he was trying to protect her. "I'm through with you, Lex!" Contractor Guy yells. He pulls Lex up to his feet. Lex says that killing him won't bring Liv back. "After tonight, you won't hurt anybody. You can't escape your past, Lex," a grinning, crazy Contractor Guy yells. He points the gun at Lex. Lex spins suddenly. The gun goes off. Lex falls back, breaking through glass, falling down toward the lower level in slow motion

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