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The Zone Diet

Clark gets up. He says he won't let Zod destroy Earth like he did Krypton. "Jor-El couldn't stop me and neither will his son," says Zod. Clark says that he'll die trying. Zod threatens the puny humans. Just a thought: am I the only one disappointed that Michael Rosenbaum, who is a talented mimic, didn't try to do more with the Zod voice? It just sounds like Lex on a bad day. Zod takes a step forward and demands that Clark swear his allegiance so that his loved ones will live. Clark really thinks hard about the threat. He loses some precious brain cells. "Kneel before Zod," says Zod. YES! Awesome! Again, I could have stood for a little echo in the voice or a British take on it or something, but I won't complain further. "Kneel!" Zod demands. Damn, I'm gonna kneel here in a second if Clark doesn't. Sad kneeling music plays. Clark goes to his knees and puts his head down. In Kansas, they call this pose "The Cornboy." Zod holds his hand out to Clark. "Gimme some upskin, brother." Clark takes his hand and continues bowing his head. Zod smiles. But wait! Is that a joy buzzer? Zod makes a noise in his throat. He no likey. Their locked hands glow bright blue. Clark looks up, triumphant. Zod grimaces. Clark pulls back his hand, and Zod is left holding something. Clark stands. "My father sends his regards," Clark says. Zod opens his palm; the Superman medallion is there. It buuuuurns! "Jor-El!" Zod says, wide-eyed. "Noooo!" Zod screams, and the black-and-white computer-animated face of Zod -- who looks like the guy from Superman II -- juts out from Lex's body. He's got the hairline and everything. The spirit struggles, then flies out, screaming. Zod disappears into the medallion. Lex falls over. There's a burn of the symbol on his palm, but it heals quickly. Clark picks up the medallion. This thing is the best practical joke ever! Triumphant Superman music plays.

Commercials. The Guardian. Coast Guarders are finally cool enough to get their own movie.

Smallville Medical Center. Surprising! It's nighttime. Clark enters a crowded hospital wing. Somehow, in the midst of the world ending, Lois got her own semi-private room. "Hey, Smallville," she says, as Clark enters. Clark asks how she's feeling. Lois, who has a smudge on her chin, is glad MamaKent saved her life. She can't remember the plane going down. She does remember a beautiful palace of ice and warm light. She says she knew everything was going to be all right. Clark says that she was hurt badly, and was probably hallucinating. Lois insists that it's real. She says she thinks she died and went to heaven. Clark smiles. He's glad she's back. Clark grabs her hand. Lois gives him a weird look. They both look at the hand, and Clark quickly pulls it away. Oh, you two.

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