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The Zone Diet

Papa Luthor's office. He's at a desk writing down Kryptonian symbols. He draws a diamond. Then a rectangle and a circle. It's a cart with a sail on it! Noooooo! Papa Luthor realizes something huge. He writes down the word "Power" under the three shapes and underlines it. He's got the "Power"! Also, Mars needs women.

Lair of Lex. It didn't take long to get that stained-glass window repaired. Lex opens up his laptop. He finds a broken piece of Zod's octagonal space coaster. Uh oh. Lex is intrigued all over again. He turns the disc, Kryptonian symbols all over it, around in his hand.

A beautiful waterfall area. A title card reads "IGUAZÚ FALLS, PATAGONIA, ARGENTINA." Pretty rainbow. We pan across. We hear a low roar. One of those crazy monsters from the Phantom Zone streaks across the top of the water, and then comes right for us. We cut to black.

Next week: Lexperiments.

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