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The Zone Diet

New credits. Clark, looking older and handsomer, crushes a car. He flies with Lana and lies in bed with her. Smooth, Clark. Lana still stares at tornados. Lex flies with Clark, which is something we haven't seen yet. Lois flashes her gigantic tits as she gets out of the lake, natch. Chloe fires a gun, which we also haven't seen yet. Nice! Papa Luthor dives out of the way of a train and looks all crazy and wild. Good one. Clark is in space prison. MamaKent is in her awesome mourning scene. That is one classy hot lady. There are random scenes from last season, including the Lex/Zod/Lana kiss. No Bo Duke. We miss him a little.

Commercials. The latest Fast/Furious movie is on DVD. Is Tokyo Drift like a Cleveland Steamer?

Chaos in Metropolis at the foot of the LuthorCorp building. Rioters are losing their shit. Four of them are beating up Papa Luthor. Two guys are carrying off Chloe, who is upright, which doesn't exactly jibe with where she was when we left her last season. Papa Luthor manages to fight the thugs off himself. He growls and fights off even more dudes to free Chloe. You go, Papa! Chloe does some kicking herself. Someone puts Papa in a choke-hold. One of Papa's heavies comes by to help and tells him they need to get off the street. He says Lex is already inside. "Lex is..." Papa begins. A guy grabs Chloe and throws her on the roof of a car. "I'll get her," says Papa's henchman, and goes to kick some ass. Papa puts an arm around Chloe and ushers her off to safety.

LuthorCorp rooftop. The skies are still orange and smoky. Instead of continuing to make out, Lana has decided to be pensive as she watches the city burn. Lana tells Zod (in the body of Lex) that they have to help all the people. Zod, still in his big black leather trenchcoat, doesn't think so. Lana says that with the powers he has, they can stop the riots. "Lex Luthor is dead," Zod says. You didn't hear? It was quick. Just happened...right...THEN. Lana has a brain freeze. "My name is Zod," Zod says. And I don't come in sizes Small or Medium. Chloe and Papa Luthor appear from the roof access door just as Zod flies off, carrying Lana with one arm around her. They make a lot of disturbance in the air. The camera zooms back down to Chloe and Papa.

Papa and Chloe wait until they're back inside the building to talk about what's happening. Chloe says that must have been Zod. Papa Luthor says that Clark must not have been able to stop him. Ya think? As he grabs a gun, Papa Luthor stops in mid-sentence to think. "Zod has taken over Lex," he decides. Chloe, with blood on her forehead, wonders if Zod might have killed Clark. Papa thinks the dagger that was given to Clark might still be at the farm. He thinks they can use it to stop Zod. "You mean kill him?" Chloe asks. "Kill Lex?" Papa has to think about that one. Chloe offers to go to the newspaper and see if she can figure out anything else about the computer virus. She plans to try to match the Kryptonian symbols for clues. "That won't help us, we--" Papa snaps, and then sits down suddenly. Dude's in bad shape. He says that they need Clark to decipher the symbols. Chloe says that he's Jarnelle's oracle, and should be able to do it himself. "The connection I felt with Jor-El at the's gone," Papa explains. It was a magic moment, with confetti and butterfly kisses. He says he can't feel Jarnelle's presence anymore. But he thinks they can fix everything with the dagger. Chloe says that she can't make it back to Smallville with her leg in such bad shape. Can't Papa carry her? Or get a helicopter up in here? Papa stands. He hands Chloe his gun. He asks her to take care of herself. "You too, Mr. Luthor," Chloe tells him. Papa leaves her there. Chloe sighs. "Clark...wherever you are, I could really use your help right now," she says sadly.

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