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The Zone Diet

Cut to a crashed plane on a snowy mountaintop. The airplane is cut in half, and snow blows in through its interior. MamaKent awakens and looks around, calling for Lois. Wow, even after a plane crash and a snowstorm, she still can rock a red skirt. MamaKent finds Lois's body sticking out of a hold in the plane, her head in the snow. "Oh my God, Lois!" MamaKent cries. There's blood in the snow from Lois's giant head. MamaKent pulls Lois back into the plane. Lois is unconscious; you can tell because she's not spitting out bad dialogue. MamaKent grabs a dingy blanket and pulls it over Lois. Lois opens her eyes. MamaKent tells her that she's going to get them out of there. Or she'll eat Lois. Definitely one of those two things will happen. Lois falls asleep as MamaKent tries to keep her awake. MamaKent pushes her way to the front of the plane. She finds the cockpit. The pilot's seat has a giant hole in it. She finds a headset. She slips it on and calls "Mayday! Mayday!" No answer. She looks out the icy cockpit window. The shiny Fortress of Solitude is reflected in the window.

Inside the Fortress, someone has installed a bunch of red mood lighting. Maybe Jarnelle is getting it on with one of his "assistants." MamaKent has dragged Lois's carcass into the area. "Martha Kent," says the voice of Jarnelle. "You've been Punk'd!" MamaKent stands. She asks why he brought them there. Jarnelle says that they were taken as pawns by Professor SoFine. Jarnelle grouses that he gave Clark an awesome dagger to use on Zod, but instead his dumb son used it to kill SoFine the Robot instead. He's not exactly a chip off the old block. He's more like a paint chip off the old crumbling wall. MamaKent asks where Clark went. Jarnelle says that the dagger killed off all copies of SoFine. So, goodbye James Marsters. Jarnelle adds that the dagger attack also damaged the Fortress and released Zod. MamaKent asks what happened to her son. "Banished forever by Zod," he says. MamaKent looks stricken. "Bring him back," she tells the voice. He says that it's not within his power and that Clark is now master of his own destiny. You might say he's sort of destiny's child. MamaKent yells that she's lost her husband and her son because of Jarnelle's games. Jarnelle says that they've both lost much. And they should totally hook up. That's what the red lighting's all about, oh yeah. Jarnelle suggests that she put aside her anguish if she wants to save her world. He says that the mission must be complete; he wants her to find the dagger and use it to put a hurtin' on Zod, stabby-style. "You want me to murder Lex?" MamaKent asks. Jarnelle says that Zod's taken over his body and has all the powers of true Kryptonians. MamaKent doesn't like this assignment. Jarnelle insists that she find some way to do it. Or all is lost. Lois sputters awake. For some reason, that gives MamaKent hope. "All right," she finally says. "Send me back." Jarnelle says that she has his deepest gratitude for all she's done for Clark: "I could not have wished for a brighter light to guide my son. Farewell Martha Kent." Bright light. MamaKent and Lois explode. We go to commercials.

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