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Sara Brady: B+ | 3 USERS: A+
Maybe This Time

The new song: Karen performs on a bare stage, under a spot, like Barbra at the end of Funny Girl except not awesome. Behind her are projected images of Marilyn throughout the show as she sings about not being forgotten. Derek and Dev watch her from the wings. The song is a showstopper, and McPhee's putting every tendon and ligament into it, but goddamn, can you imagine what Megan Hilty would do with this? She'd burn the place down.

In the dressing room, Ivy dumps a whole bottle of pills out into her hand.

Karen finishes the number, superimposed on one final image of Marilyn, and the crowd goes wild. And even Debra Messing doesn't sound particularly convinced when she asks us, "That was quite a finale, right?" Sure, Deb. It was something, all right.

And that's all there was, folks. Thanks for reading, everyone. See you on Broadway.

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