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Maybe This Time

Speaking of which, the choreography and vocal acrobatics do not instill confidence that Rebecca could have accomplished this. Karen's managing it, but her performance is a little more Lesley Ann Warren in Victor/Victoria than Mitzi Gaynor in Anything Goes, you know?

Ivy chooses this moment to ask Derek why he didn't choose her. Derek confesses he's been hallucinating Karen as Marilyn, and says she has something that Ivy doesn't, which is just pure bullshit, show. One hundred percent. He at least has the humanity to say he's sorry for letting the tumor pressing on his frontal lobe do all his decision making. Ivy thanks him for his honesty, and as she's going backstage Dev catches her and asks if she found the engagement ring. She says she didn't, then goes to the dressing room and regards Karen's shrine to Marilyn (and to Karen). She reaches into her purse and pulls out...dun dun DUN...the engagement ring (which is ENORMOUS. Wow, Dev).

Linda is explaining to Derek that the costume change is a real hang-up and they need to work on it during the break. Eileen compliments Derek on "Wolf," but says it's the only number Karen's gotten right so far (and there are, what, ten more in the show?) and she can't learn everything she needs to know in one day. Derek turns back to yell something at the guys up in the rigging and Eileen finally explodes, telling Derek she's sick of him blowing her off when she's the one taking all the financial risk (well, her and Nick Not Jonas and the mob and that rock star guy) and she wants to discuss who'll be Marilyn. Of course, Karen is like six feet away behind a curtain.

Karen flees back to the dressing room and sees her engagement ring. She asks Ivy, who is stoically brushing her hair like Marcia Brady crossed with Miranda Priestly, how the ring got there, and Ivy chooses THIS amazing moment to tell Karen she banged Dev, and puts it in the worst possible terms: "A traditional guy like Dev -- bought you a ring, took you out to dinner, asked you to marry him -- it's very Joe DiMaggio of him." Karen has one brief moment of lucidity and says, "Would you stop talking about Marilyn? This is me, this is my life." Of course it comes in the form of narcissism rather than anyone pointing out that being in a show about Marilyn doesn't mean you need to turn yourself into Marilyn, but at this point in our great shared hallucination I'll take what I can get. Karen says she doesn't believe Ivy, and Ivy asks why she'd make this up. Well, I can think of a few reasons, sugar pie, and one of them is that platinum wig on top of Karen's head.

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