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The Outer Limits

Previously: Ivy slept with the director. Ivy got the part.

Currently: This week on Smash, we will be exploring the show's sudden shift into the realm of science fiction. A little risky for a show that is already staking out territory in the musical genre, but if they can make Carrie: The Musical twice then anything is possible.

Science Fiction Conceit #1: The Bruno Mars "Thing"

So apparently there exists such a thing as a Bruno Mars-themed cabaret show, where Bruno's pop hits are grunged up in a Rock of Ages style, with big manly guitars and "tough" dance moves an overall air of FUCK YEAH that doesn't exactly befit "Grenade." This is apparently the gig of choice for new character Michael Swift, who is up for the role of Joe DiMaggio in Marilyn. He's got A PAST with Julia, who is the only person on the production team who isn't wild about hiring him, though she's clammed up as to why. Even Derek loves him, after Eileen drags him to "Bruno Mars: Turn Off the Dark" and he proclaims it "sensational" (?!?!?!). But Michael's not sure he wants to accept the role either, as signing on for a workshop at $200 a week isn't going to help him support his wife and kid. But his wife reminds him that Broadway Is the Dream and that this is a great opportunity. Which: duh, and also you'd think Michael would have made his peace with the economic realities of his chosen profession right around the time he was picking out which distressed wifebeater to thrash around to Bruno Mars in.

Meanwhile, it's three weeks until rehearsals begin (!) and Derek and Ivy are still DOING IT. Despite the fact that Derek remains an oily jackass (Ivy asks him, in bed, if they could make time to actually work on the Marilyn part and he, verbatim, is like, "That's what we're doing, sweetheart.") Later with her friends, Ivy frets that she got the part because of the sex, which ... why did she have sex with him, then? I'm kind of honestly wondering. It would be nice if the show gave us a good reason or two that Ivy is attracted to Derek. This episode seems to want to underline that Ivy did NOT do it just for the part, so ... what else? What side of Derek is she seeing? It's not even some animal sexual hate-sex thing -- she genuinely seems to like him. ...Why?

Case in point: Derek is still sleazing his way around Karen, meeting her at a bar, trying to tell her she should be pissed off to be in the Marilyn ensemble (she ... should? Isn't the ensemble still a huge step up for our little daydreaming waitress?). He dangles some hope in front of her, saying a lot can happen in the time between casting and the show making the stage. Before he can get to overly offering her the role in exchange for sex, Dev crashes their meeting and engages in some epic Oxford-v-Cambridge Brit posturing that even Karen finds irritating.

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